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Arlo parks

Through the stand-alone and poetic sound of Arlo Parks’ music are lyrics and experiences of a new generation of musicians. Arlo, recently signed with Transgressive Records, is quickly cementing herself in the music industry with her ability to tell stories with her songs that bring out the most immersive and emotional memories lurking in the back of your mind. We had the opportunity to spend some time with Arlo to talk about her new music, her meaning of fluidity, and upcoming projects.

Arlo Parks interviewed and photographed for MOOD Magazine FW20 issue, Love Above All .

Arlo wears black wool suit, Stussy, white sneakers, Nike.

Your music is poetic, and you have a clear understanding of who you are as a person. When did you discover your poetry could be used to aid in songwriting?


I think I was probably about 14 or 15. I’d always been obsessed with hiphop which is the intermingling of poetry and songwriting anyways so artists like Tribe Called Quest, Earl Sweatshirt and Biggie opened my eyes to things. I also read “Just Kids” by Patti Smith and learnt about artists like Jim Morrison or Elliott Smith. There’s always been something so instinctive and pure about poetry to me.


Your body of work thus far is a total package in that even your music videos and visuals have so much detail in them. The sound of your songs and the words you sing stand-alone in an amazingly unique quality. How important do you find the visuals of your work to be?


The visuals are crucial to me. I feel like music videos elevate the song itself and almost serve to add another layer of meaning. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with directors who really understand the kernel of feeling at the core of my songs.


When you create a new song, or you're writing new material, do you already have in mind how your performance or the music video might look?


I’m a very visual person, I’m inspired by photographers like Ren Hang or Nan Goldin and by films like “Mulholland Drive” or “Fantastic Mr Fox”. When I’m writing, I can see the scene unfold as if I’m looking down the lens of a camera. I’m always noting down colours or imagery that could be used in the video.

Music already being complex, in theory, is used by you to express a subject as complex as fluidity. What does fluidity mean to you?


Fluidity means being following your body and instincts when creating, not being afraid to transcend what’s come before, going in circles, creating and destroying patterns: it’s about being open.


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Photography: Joseph Sinclair

Fashion: Callum Vincent

Makeup: Buster Knight

Hair: Zateesha Barbour

Arlo Parks interviewed and photographed for MOOD Magazine FW20 issue, Love Above All .
Arlo Parks interviewed and photographed for MOOD Magazine FW20 issue, Love Above All .

Arlo wears Emporio Armani, necklace, Daisy london, white sneakers, Nike.

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