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Cameron Dallas

With 21 million Instagram followers and over 5 million Youtube subscribers, Cameron Dallas is no stranger to the public. Dallas not only has a huge following on social media, but has also walked the runways for top industry designers, created a Netflix series, and even released some music. During our interview with Cameron, he opened up his heart to us about his road to recovery, the importance of mental health, his runway experiences, and on feeling the most comfortable in his skin as he's ever been. 

cameron dallas mood magazine cover by Anthony Giovanni and Edwin J. Ortega

Photography: Anthony Giovanni

Creative Direction / Styling: Edwin J. Ortega

MOOD: You touched a lot of people by sharing something so personal and it seems like you got a lot of support from that. Can you recall a particular moment when you realized you wanted to make a personal change and take the next step to get some help?

Cameron: There were a couple of times when I was in my addiction. Because I went to rehab for the first time, I checked out 17 days early and then ended up going back. They call it doing more research because I didn't know if I was a real alcoholic or not. And they talked about if you are you can't control it, and it just goes downhill and goes further and further down. You end up doing things that you never imagined that you'd be doing. I feel like while I was on my ride doing research I found myself doing things that I never would have imagined that I always said I wouldn't do. Those were kind of little wake-up calls, but it wasn't enough for me to like really pull myself out and I really wasn't ready to give up alcohol. I think the exact moment was when a lot of the things that I was doing were all coming at me out once. I got into some legal trouble, I had some other things going on, and like some of the people that were around me were high and like chilling at my house. Like I was just looking at them. I just had this unsettling feeling and like I didn't want to be in that place anymore. They talk about when you're in your addiction you either end up dead or in jail. I believe that and I didn't want to end up there because that's where I was headed. My mom played a big role in helping me with that. Even my team and my friends, they're supportive and I was really thankful for that.

MOOD: Do you ever fantasize about shutting down your social media and making a new beginning, or do you ever just want to take a

break from it?

Cameron: Yeah, all the time. All the time. I think it'd be cool just to like delete everything, go off-grid and just like live my life. But there are also pros, I mean I think everyone kind of fantasizes about that. Whether they’re like I don't want to touch my phone for a week or like I'm going to delete Instagram you know. I think everyone has like a little like sliver of that and whether you do it or not it’s up to you. Yeah, I definitely fantasize about that sometimes.

Photography: Anthony Giovanni + Edwin J. Ortega

Creative Direction / Styling: Edwin J. Ortega

Assistant: Brendon Danko

Cinematography: Sasha Rodionov 

Grooming: Mira Chai Hyde at the Wall Group using House of Skuff and Chanel Beauty

Shot at 1325 Chautauqua Boulevard, Pacific Palisades, CA currently on the market with Scoot Moore at Douglas Elliman 


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cameron dallas mood magazine cover by Anthony Giovanni and Edwin J. Ortega

Coat: Karigam, Underwear Moschino, Boots United Nude, Rings Opened Jesus

cameron dallas mood magazine cover by Anthony Giovanni and Edwin J. Ortega

Jacket Kamilla Belmont ,Pants Afffair, Rings Opened Jesus, Boots United Nude

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