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If you saw the hit romantic movie ​The Sun Is Also a Star ​this year, you know of Camrus Johnson, who played Omar in the movie. Johnson is also in the series ​Batwoman​ as Luke Fox and has also been in the thrilling movie ​Stalker’s Prey​. Johnson discusses with us about being a part of the new series ​Batwoman, a​ nd even about improving important scenes in the movie ​The Sun Is Also a Star​.


Styling: Fairfax Copenhagen 

Photography: Edwin J. Ortega

Words by: Will Heffernan

MOOD: Let's move into like your show now. You're on the TV series “Bat Woman” and you star as Luke Foxx.

Camrus: I am.
MOOD: So, talk to us a little bit about your character you know the whole process  from start to finish your audition, when you read the script how you bring the character to life on screen?
Camrus: Yeah so, I auditioned for Luke and when I first went in his name was Landon. He had a sort of fake name. He was just a tech guy for the show. So, I went in for him in New York and when I got the callback, I then realized Landon was a codename for Luke Fox just because of some digging me and my manager did. Oh my god, Lucious Fox, that’s a huge deal. So, I did the same things I did for the two callbacks.

So, this whole process I had only seen 4 pages of anything and they weren’t even in the scene they were just a dummy side, so they weren’t actually giving the scripts to anyone. I read the 4 pages for the audition and the two callbacks and I didn’t see any script until I got to Vancouver for the first episode for the pilot. It was funny how they did it, it was very slick. I was just like, I went to the new building which is the production office. I went up the elevator and I was like oh my gosh this is so cool. And then when I stepped off the elevator somebody walked up to me and was like “Hey, Camrus! Welcome, we’re going to bring you right through the fitting, and then as she says fitting, she put a folder in my hand and didn’t say anything about it. She just put it in my hand. She was like here, take this. I looked down and I’m like this is the script, "Wow, okay, great!" I hid it in my backpack like it was a secret and I didn’t want  anyone seeing it quite yet. As soon as I did my fitting which took a couple of hours or so, I went back to the hotel and just breezed through it. I went right through the script and I read it twice in a row. It was so good! It was so much better than I even could’ve imagined. I loved Batman and I always have and you know I guess every big Batman fan is afraid of any Batman project because you want it to live up to the perfection of the Batman universe. Then I read the script and I was like it’s amazing. This is one of the best scripts I’ve ever read. So, yeah right after that I got right into shooting and I had no fear of the show not being good, because every script makes me want to read the next one as if I was a fan and not even in the show then I think that shows how good the show is going to be on camera.


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