With online streaming services booming more now than ever, there are few shows that can stand out in a sea of endless media. On My Block, streaming on Netflix is a deeply emotional show that tells a story about the triumph, pain, trauma, and experiences of a group of high school friends. Star of On My Block, Sierra Capri, talks to us about her thoughts on season 3, her experience on set, and the surprising season finale.

Makeup: Elie Maalouf        

Hair: Jay Nixon

Sierra wears H&M studio

How are you during the pandemic that is going on?

Some days I wish the tour was going on, and some days I don’t feel motivated. It feels like a weird time these days. 


 You recently released your new single “Levi High” with a viral challenge to along. How did the idea come about for both?

I was actually in the studio wearing a pair of Levi High jeans when Daytrip played the beat, then Derrick Milano and I freestyled the song in about 10 minutes. The challenge simply came from me wanting to creatively empower women to be comfortable in their own skin and have fun doing it. 


You worked with DaBaby on the song and it has been such a great success. What was it like working with him and how did you two get connected?

It was really cool working with DaBaby, we connected via Instagram and worked on the bop video together. His work ethic is insane and his energy inspiring. 


We’ve seen a lot of artists use this quarantine to do a lot of at-home shows. Do you think this will have a long-lasting effect on the music industry? How has it changed your workflow?

To be honest, I’m not someone who likes to stay home, but this has definitely made me think outside of the box in terms of connecting with my fans. I’m not sure about the long-lasting effect it’ll have, I guess, time will tell. 


You’re planning to release your album in 2020, what can we expect from your album? 

Now that I really have time to sit with my album, I believe this will be my best body of work. I’m really going to focus on putting my all into this album. 


What would say is an overall message or theme that you put into anything you create? 

I would say my overall message is to inspire people in whatever I create. I want people to have self-love and know their worth. 


Are you planning to self-direct any more music videos from this album?

Yes! Stay tuned...


 In the early stages of your career, Prince chose to work with you for one of his projects. What did you feel when Prince reached out, and how do you view life after being mentored by a legend?

I felt very excited when Prince reached out, but I also couldn’t believe it at the same time. I feel very fortunate to have been mentored by Prince. He taught me a lot about being my own brand and artist, which I can apply to life in general by always being myself. 


What’s your MOOD for the rest of 2020?

My mood for the rest of 2020 is to just build in this time of self-isolation. I want to lock in with my music and better myself as an artist and person. 

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Sierra wears H&M studio dress, AFFFAIR boots, Iris Trends necklace

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