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Corey Knight

Landing a role in Luca Guadagnino’s latest HBO show, We Are Who We Are, Corey Knight effortlessly plays the role of Craig Pratchett, a soldier in his 20’s living in an American base located in Italy. Through his performance he helps bring the story to life, often acting as a mediator within his friend group, all while trying to figure himself out. Corey sat down with us to talk about his role on the show, representation in current times, and his involvement with the non-profit organization Moving Mountains.

Corey Knight interviewed and photographed for MOOD Magazine FW20 issue, Love Above All .

Corey wears corduroy coat and pants, wool v neck sweater, Victor Li.

Let's start by talking about your involvement in the HBO series, We Are Who We Are. You bring to life the role of Craig, a young soldier inside an American military base in Italy. Tell us more about who your character is, and how you felt about working with Academy Award-nominated director, Luca Guadagnino.


Craig is an American soldier who lives for the army. It was never a question for him, he’s an army brat, raised in the military. He considers the army to be his extended family and that’s why he is so close to the other military kids around him. He considers them his brothers and sisters not his friends. He feels responsible for all of them and they look up to him as their big brother. As far as working with Luca, I was already a fan of his work. I expected to learn a lot and I did, not just on camera but also the way he directed his cast while making sure to capture every nuance happening within the scene. From the choice of colors we wore to the music we listened to; he paid attention to every detail.


How do you feel that you're a part of a show that is not only multicultural but also multidimensional in the way it highlights the dynamics in relationships within a group of friends and family?


I’m really happy to be a part of it. It was a blessing to be a part of a show where the overall and subliminal feel of it was about everyone being human beings first. We usually see shows that highlight what makes us different. WE ARE WHO WE ARE has more focus on what makes us all alike. We are all just people at the end of the day regardless of our race, nationality or religion.


In what ways do you hope to change the entertainment industry for the better now that you are teaching and inspiring the next generation of artists?


I hope to make a difference using my roles in films and the message in the films I create. There was a lot of violence in the community where I grew up. I think some of it grew out of the images we saw of ourselves in films and TV. Always the drug dealers, the gang bangers and always the first to die. But even though some of this happened in my community there were many more kids that just like to dance or sing, or build robots and just have fun. We had goals and aspirations like everyone else. I want to tell more of these stories. Films that place more value on Black Lives and hopefully help to change how we are seen and how we see ourselves.


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Photography: Carl Chisolm

Fashion: Charles Ward

Barber: Dion Ross

Makeup: Charli Butler

Corey Knight interviewed and photographed for MOOD Magazine FW20 issue, Love Above All .
Corey Knight interviewed and photographed for MOOD Magazine FW20 issue, Love Above All .LM_06_034.jpg

wool turtleneck and leather pants, Teddy Vonranson, leather boots, Dolce Gabbana

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