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dana williams

With so many musicians nowadays that it’s easier than ever to find new musicians to listen to. The only problem is that with so many musicians, it can be overwhelming to find someone that can resonate with the masses. Dana Williams, a talented musician, is someone we at MOOD think you should take a listen to! Williams was on the competition series Rising Star and is also known for her YouTube covers. Williams released her brand-new single “Hard” recently and we had the chance to speak with Williams about her music and future career in the industry!


Photography: Anthony Giovanni

 Styling: Marco Milani

Words by: Will Heffernan

MOOD: You recently released “​HARD​.” What inspired the song and what’s the message behind HARD?

Dana:​I wrote “Hard” at a time where I was experiencing a lot of self-doubts. It’s a lesson in self-awareness and self-acceptance. Understanding that it is important for me to practice self-compassion and self-love and that my hypercritical, judgmental, thoughts get in the way of personal growth and happiness. It serves as a reminder that perfection doesn’t exist.

MOOD: You're creating your own music and have a distinct voice to match your spectacular musical abilities. Who are some of the musical idols that you have admired from an early age?

Dana:I have always really loved Ella ​Fitzgerald.​ I remember the moment I discovered her in elementary school. My mom took me to the record store to buy a bunch of her CD’s and I have been enamored since. I still listen to her all the time. She helps me relax. I also fell in love with Billie Holiday. They are entrancing storytellers.

MOOD: Was there a particular moment that pushed you off the edge to pursue your dreams?

Dana:I’ve always been really shy but knew that I wanted to pursue music to some capacity. At one point I thought I’d be a songwriter and have other artists perform my songs. But when I moved back to LA, my sister started signing me up for open mics and booking me local shows here and there, and I realized how much I loved performing. It’s a really beautiful extension of art.

Photography: Anthony Giovanni

Styling: Marco Milani

muah: Barbara Lamelza using Dior beauty 

Interview by: Will Heffernan


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