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Emily Hampshire

For six years Emily Hampshire has been a staple to the Emmy nominated and widely praised show, Schitt’s Creek. Hampshire’s performance of her character, Stevie Budd, has influenced viewers everywhere to emotionally attach themselves to the series, now in its sixth and final season. Speaking with Emily we touched on the subjects demonstrated within Schitt’s Creek such as change, acceptance, and personal growth.

Emily Hampshire covers MOOD Magazine Photography by Anthony giovanni style by Edwin J. Ortega

Photography: Anthony Giovanni

Creative Direction / Styling: Edwin J. Ortega

MOOD: Throughout the show, there has been a lot of comedic moments, but it also has shown a lot of emotional depth and multi-dimensional characters. For example, your character Stevie is someone who has gained enormous personal growth throughout the show and scaling back on oneself is often easier than stepping out of one’s comfort zone. How do you personally describe Stevie's journey on the show like looking back at these past six seasons?

Emily: God, I think Stevie has grown so much more than I ever thought she would! Probably more than she thought she would; definitely more than she thought she would! How would I describe her growth? I mean I actually think it's a weird coming into oneself. She was so opposed to like growing outward, she was so guarded and like a locked kind of thing, and slowly she'd like let down these barriers. And I feel the last one was in season five when she has to do cabaret... And I feel that she really just speaks her truth without any Steve-ism defenses, sarcasm or any way. She's so genuine and I feel like that came from the fact I don't even remember his name-which is good because he broke her heart. What was that guy's name? Anyways, Stevie had, right before she did cabaret, getting her heartbroken, and she got her heartbroken because she let herself like somebody and be vulnerable. And I feel that really left her just- you know when things go really bad, you’re like fuck it-you’re raw and you just don't give a shit anymore, and you're more of yourself.


MOOD:  Is there like a specific memory that you cherish the most throughout the whole time you’ve been in the show?

Emily: Yeah, I mean to the cabaret doing maybe this time I that's the ultimate for me on so many levels because—if you would’ve asked me years ago what my dream role was, it was always Sally Bowles in cabaret. And then to find out that I get to do that, but better yet, I get to do it as Stevie, was the ultimate in ways I didn't even expect! I didn't realize until I was doing it that “So Maybe This Time” is a song that Sally sings. She says “…maybe this time I'll get a man. Maybe this time I'll like to find love with this guy.” And I didn't realize it until I was performing the song as Stevie that her version is, maybe this time I'll win, maybe this time I'll become as great as I can possibly be, and it's this kind of Independence and being sent off into the world. I think it even catches her by surprise.

Photography: Anthony Giovanni 

Creative Direction / Styling: Edwin J. Ortega

Cinematography: Sasha Rodionov 

Makeup:  Elie Maalouf At TMG - LA 

HairStylist: Diane Dusting at Opus Beaut


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Emily Hampshire covers MOOD Magazine Photography by Anthony giovanni style by Edwin J. Ortega
Emily Hampshire covers MOOD Magazine Photography by Anthony giovanni style by Edwin J. Ortega

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