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What makes Froy Gutierrez stand out from the rest of Hollywood’s up-and-coming actors is his complex blend of natural and true talent. Fans were first introduced to the Texas-born star when he appeared in a number of episodes of Nickelodeon’s hit show Bella and the Bulldogs in 2015. As time went on, Gutierrez quickly became a regular face on television when landing himself recurring roles in Teen Wolf and Light as a Feather. His most recent portrayal of Jamie Henson in the Freeform smash hit, Cruel Summer, not only catapulted his acting career globally but promises an exciting future for the 23-year-old.

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Gutierrez admits he’s always been very introverted and used being creative as a way of embracing his extroverted side growing up. “When I was a kid, I did a lot of visual arts. I was always just drawn to the arts,” he tells MOOD. “I found a little safety net in acting. It was a way for me to live a fantasy of somebody who is extroverted because I don't do things that require a lot of bravery,” he explains what drew him to the performance arts. He continued, “[With acting] it's never the same every time that you get up and you do a scene. It's never how you rehearse it, it's never how you read it. And that kind of spontaneity and emotional honesty I was really fascinated by.”


Breaking out into the world of acting differs for each actor. Some get scouted off the street, many spend a lot of time auditioning for roles, while others just know the right people. For Gutierrez, he was part of an acting troupe -- Planned Parenthood -- a nonprofit organization that provides sexual health care in the United States and globally. Gutierrez's foundation in acting was teaching sex education to at-risk youth through skits. He went to an arts magnet high school, where he ended up getting scouted. “It snowballed and became a really beautiful way of expressing myself in something that I can always work out,” Gutierrez shares, adding, “However, I never feel I've realized everything I wanted to on every job and there's something about that chase that's very exhilarating and satisfying.”


Despite the rising star’s impressive credentials, Gutierrez openly confesses that he doesn’t feel “very qualified to help people out” when giving advice to those who may want to follow in his footsteps. “I think nearly everything in life, it's a combination of hard work, luck, being in the right place at the right time, and passion for what you do,” Gutierrez says. “If you don't care about it, you might feel burnt out and then you won't be pursuing it anymore. So just make sure it's coming from the right place and that'll help you navigate all the other elements to it,” he advises.

2021 proved to be a successful year for Gutierrez. His lead role of Jamie Henson in the television teen drama thriller Cruel Summer debuted on Freeform in April and was all anyone could talk about on the timeline. Set in the 1990s, Cruel Summer follows two teenage girls and the effect it has on all of the characters’ lives after one of them suddenly disappears and the other takes their place. Gutierrez’s character of Henson plays a big part in the storyline as he ends up becoming the boyfriend of both the teenage girls at different times in their life. Cruel Summer ticks all the boxes, and then some. The music throughout is nostalgic, the different time periods between the years are incredibly well shot, each episode has you gripped, and the unexpected plot twist at the end will leave you feeling some type of way. The 10-part series was both a critical and commercial success, becoming the most-watched overall series debut ever on the platform and receiving a high score of 93 on Rotten Tomatoes.

While fans have been able to binge and talk about the hit series this year, Gutierrez has been acquainted with the project for some time. “The role came about the end of summer in 2019. I just remember getting the script for the pilot, I got the script for the first two episodes, which are very different from what ended up in the final draft, but they were just so compelling, I couldn't put them down. I felt like I was super hooked,” he says. “I loved that role, because of the three different timelines that are going into it. You find out as the journey goes on more about the character. And so, it was just so mysterious and compelling, and a really interesting and subversive take on the archetypal High School jock I'm used to playing. So, it was awesome.” 


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“I really love the scene in episode five that takes place at the carnival at night in ‘95 between my character and Olivia's character Kate because there were a lot of dimensions to my character that I discussed with the writer that weren't incorporated in the final draft,” Gutierrez continues. “I think there's one line in that scene that leads you into the rest of the character where he's feeling guilty and he's expecting some type of punishment, and he asks “Are you going to hit me?” To me, it just read as the reason why he had reacted with violence in the first episode was because of his own home life. That scene was just so vulnerable and required a lot of presence. It was also the last scene of the day. So, we were  able to have that very calm scene, and everyone that was watching it was very invested in it. So that was my favorite scene to shoot, personally.”


The runaway success of the show made an impact all around the world and for that reason, Cruel Summer has been picked up for a second season. As of this writing, it is unknown whether the original characters will feature in Season 2 or if a whole new set of actors will be a part of a fresh storyline. With that being said, Gutierrez admits that the triumph of Season 1 was a surprise. “I don't think anybody expected for our show to be the number one most viewed show on the network. That was definitely crazy when that article came out,” he explains before adding, “When you're shooting something there might be talk of any outcome, whether that's anxiety or excitement driven, but at the end of the day it takes on a life of its own. So, you just focus on the job. What happens afterwards is just what happens afterwards and you let it go. But certainly, it was really amazing to see how it was received.”


“It took me by surprise, too, watching it. Because of the way that you shoot, it isn't always the way that you view it, I guess. So, when I was watching it, I was definitely impacted in ways I didn't anticipate from just reading the scripts,” Gutierrez continues.


When shooting for a movie or television series, the scenes aren’t always filmed in chronological order. This time, however, Cruel Summer was. Being that the show takes place in different time periods, it left Gutierrez on set guessing what any of the reveals actually were as some of them ended up changing. “We heard one thing when we were shooting the pilot, and then it was different by the time that we actually got around to it. It definitely kept us on our toes, for sure,” he remarks.


Acting isn’t the only thing Gutierrez has pursued. Between 2018-2019, he showed off his musical talents by releasing a handful of singles. Initially, the material was available to be listened to on streaming services but has since been taken off. While his acting career has propelled, it appears his music has been put on the back-burner. “I just had a moment of wanting a clean slate,” Gutierrez explains. “I wanted to craft a few songs and get them out for the people who were waiting for them. I feel  they kind of did their job for me and now I'm on a different path. I'm just following that one really.”


“I don't know at this moment. I have a lot of different things open at this moment in time,” Gutierrez states when being asked if he will return to music.“ I really would love to do a musical drama situation at some point. It's definitely something I have been doing a little bit of work on but I don't have anything set in stone that I can promise at the moment.”


Gutierrez’s future is bright as he mentions is “juggling” a couple of things at the moment that he can’t announce just yet. He does, however, reveal he is “looking to get more into the development side of things.” Since the interview, there has been an announcement of him appearing in the sequel to the iconic Hocus Pocus with Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy, who will be reprising their roles from the first film. 


Gutierrez has a lot more to give and already has his eye on some future roles and genres he is interested in taking on. “I would love to do a really grimy thriller that is anxiety-inducing and action-packed. I just think that'd be really fun,” he insists. “But I would also love to do a comedy at some point as well or even a wholesome family movie, I think that would be nice. So yeah, let’s see what the world has in store for me, I suppose.”

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