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greg kasyan

Netflix​​ has every binge-worthy show right now and they just added a new one called​Daybreak​.​ The series is about a post-apocalyptic world and surviving mobs of biologically altered adults in a new and survival-based highschool world. Gregory Kasyan stars in the show as Eli Cardashyan and we talked with Kasyan about his part in the new series on​Netflix​​. 

MOOD Magazine Features Greg Kasyan for their winter / spring issue. photograph by Edwin J. Ortegag

Photography: Anthony Giovanni

Creative Direction / Styling: Edwin J. Ortega

Words by: Will Heffernan

MOOD: How do you feel that your face was on billboards everywhere?

Greg:​ Honestly it feels very surreal to me. I went with all my classmates to go look at the billboards and all that kind of good stuff. I still try to fathom it. It just feels so unreal. I feel so oblivious and everything is happening so quickly. I felt numb to it.

MOOD: ​Is there anything that connects Eli to you, or is there anything that relates him to your personality?

Greg:​ Yes, for sure. Definitely, as far as energy goes, he’s a really good character. When I have enough caffeine, I feel like I can definitely be that big [personality] sometimes. He is also born and raised in Glendale California as I am. Or at least he lives in Glendale, and I’m born and raised here which is kind of cool. I went to the rival high school of Glendale High. And yeah there’s a bunch of stuff that relates to it. Some of his sense of humor, a little bit of that yeah pretty much that.

MOOD: ​Can you recall your first memory of wanting to break into show business or having an interest in being in show business?

Greg:​ Yeah, I remember I think I was about 5. I just have a very vivid memory but I was watching TV with my sister. I forgot what I was watching, I don’t remember. And I saw someone cry on TV and was I like, that struck curiosity in my little 5-year-old brain. I kind of saw that and was like, oh that’s kind of cool. I want to try that out. I think that was my very first memory. And then, of course, growing up as a young kid I was watching Nickelodeon and all that good stuff. I was like watching Hannah Montana and all that kind of cool stuff. I was like yeah, I want to be on TV, that’s cool. These shows make me feel a certain way when I’m watching them and I want others to feel that way too when they watch shows with me [in them].

Photography: Anthony Giovanni

Styling: Edwin J. Ortega

Grooming: Barbara Lamelza using Dior beauty 

Interview by: Will Heffernan


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MOOD Magazine Features Greg Kasyan for their winter / spring issue. photograph by Edwin J. Ortega
MOOD Magazine Features Greg Kasyan for their winter / spring issue. photograph by Edwin J. Ortega.jpg

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