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Recently signed with Warner Records, GRIFF is an artist with a voice that can gravitate listeners towards her world. Perhaps the biggest talent that gives the British singer that “it” factor is channeling vulnerability, sincerity, and warmness through her lyrics and the sound of her voice. The songstress can command a stage and evokes feelings of nostalgia, joy, and empowerment that can even trigger forgotten bittersweet memories. GRIFF joins us at MOOD and talks about family, growing up in the UK, and her recent music ventures and songs.


Photography: Anthony Giovanni

Creative Direction / Styling: Edwin J. Ortega

Griff wears Fei Fei Cicada, Wolford stockings, Red Valentino boots


Your new single, “Forgive Myself”, touches on realizing you owe it to yourself to accept a mistake and move on with self-forgiveness. Can you tell us about a personal experience that relates to the lyrics of your song?


One aspect of this idea of trusting people came from my experience with getting into music. As a very young girl who knew nothing about the industry, over the years I’ve had to trust different adults who have made promises and never quite fulfilled them. Those experiences definitely helped me tap into the feeling of the song.


Does writing lyrics and singing ever become a therapeutic practice for you when it comes to forgiveness?


Yes, when relationships end there’s always something you wish you would have said or words you want to get off your chest. Writing lyrics definitely can feel like I’ve said my part. and it’s super satisfying to then hear a good song come out of those feelings. You released a video along with your song, and you even self-recorded everything.


Given the circumstances of current times, what was the process like for creating everything by yourself with visuals vs having a production team like you normally would? It was interesting, and I really enjoyed it!


I was on zoom the whole day with the team instructing me on how to film, where to put the tripods, where to bounce the lights etc. I think overall it was quite empowering to see how much I could achieve by myself.

Photography: Anthony Giovanni

Creative Direction / Styling: Edwin J. Ortega

Makeup: Pauly Blanch at Tmgla using Pat McGrath

Interview: Anthony Giovanni



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