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Inde Navarrette is an upcoming actress who plays Estela de la Cruz in the Netflix acclaimed series, 13 Reasons Why. We had the chance to spend some time with her to talk about her role on the show, her upcoming involvement in the CW show, Superman and Lois, and what quarantine life has been like for her.

Photography: Anthony Giovanni

 Hair: Clayton Hawkins

Fashion: Edwin Ortega

 Makeup: Elie Maalouf

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Inde wears a Dawn dress by Rotate

Hello Inde, thank you for spending time with us! Let’s talk about your recent role on 13 Reasons Why. How did you manage any feelings of pressure you might have felt joining a show that has been so successful? 


There is always some sort of pressure when you join a show that has made such a massive impact on society.  13 Reasons Why has addressed important issues like sexual assault, suicide, and mental health issues (to name a few), and I knew I was taking on a big responsibility when I joined the cast.   


With that said, I also knew if I wanted to do Estela justice, I had to block out all of that pressure out.  I needed to focus on understanding the character, how to take words on the page and make them into a living, and breathing human.  


What was your reaction to when you found out whom Estela was related to? How did you go about showing that even though family is family, you can also be different and your own person? 


Finding out Estela was Monty’s sister really got me excited as an actor because of the complexity of her situation.  She is an all-around badass young girl who was forced to grow up quickly because of her family trauma.   I loved that Estela didn’t let her brother’s narrative define her.   As we saw her vulnerability with Tyler and her trust in Jessica grow, we also got to see Estela progress in her own emotional healing.   

I really tried to have her choose to be happy, no matter the circumstances.  She and I both wanted to show that if you get knocked down nine times, you stand up ten.  

What did you learn from being part of the show?

I learned that it’s important to stand up for what’s right and to never let anyone make you feel bad for it. 

You’re also in the CW show Superman and Lois, what’s it like getting to be a part of the DC universe? 


I am so excited to be a part of the DC Universe.  This new show is going to be amazing.  I have been getting to know the cast via texts and zooms and they are all so kind and grounded.  


What has acting in this new world of Covid and social distancing been like? 

I would love to answer this with first-hand experience, but sadly I haven’t gotten to work on set yet, since I’m still in quarantine for Superman and Lois. We have taken a few safety meetings, and based on that - it’s definitely going to be different. 

How do you overcome the stress and anxiety of 2020 when you’re performing on a job?


When I would watch a TV show or read a book as a kid, I would visualize and create a fictional world in my head. Then if I was bored throughout the day, I would go inside that world. So I kind of apply that to my jobs, it’s a little world I get to escape to and become someone else. I love it! 


What new hobbies have you learned during quarantine? 


Besides perfecting the art of watching Tik Tok for 5 hours a day?  Truthfully, I have really embraced painting.   Often times I find myself sad or overwhelmed with emotions, and getting out my art supplies and painting helps me deal with my feelings.  I also journal a lot, and I have tons of notebooks filled with confessions or doodles.   


What type of movie or TV show projects would you like to be involved with in the future? 


Movies like ‘10 Things I Hate About You’, ‘Girl Interrupted’ or ‘The Mummy Trilogy’ (the first 2 with Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz), come to mind. Pretty much I would love to be a chameleon who brings different types of characters to life.  Anything from action films, to historical films to rom-coms!  I love them all! 

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Short sleeve feather trim mini dress by Attico. Heels by Barollo

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