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STRANGEHUMAN is a fittingly appropriate stage name for a bilingual recording artist known by multiple monikers with a sound so fluid it’s nearly impossible to classify him in a single genre. Songs like “REVENGE” peel back the curtains of his vivid diary, which is an aesthetic complete with remnants of hip-hop, R&B, dance, and 80’s rock music. It’s a unique listening experience that rings out kind of like a dream collaboration between Lil Uzi Vert, Travis Scott, and The Kid LAROI en español. So, when you open your ears for the first time to STRANGEHUMAN, don’t expect reggaeton or bubble gum pop from this teen. He is far more unpredictable than that. His discography is an audiovisual soundbite that's best served while consuming anime like Naruto and Attack on Titan.

STRANGEHUMAN is photographed by Anthony Giovanni, Fashion by Edwin J Ortega, Grooming by Nathaniel Dezan, Words by MIguel Costa 


STRANGEHUMAN wears The Elder Stateman sweater with Balenciaga shorts and boots


STRANGEHUMAN wears Jacquemus with Balenciaga boots


STRANGEHUMAN wears Saint Laurent puffer jacket and pants with Dsquared2 boots

STRANGEHUMAN was born in Santiago, the largest city in his native country of Chile, where, during his childhood, he recalls hearing an assortment of music from legendary acts such as Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Nirvana, and Amy Winehouse—echoing throughout his household thanks to his mother and stepfather. Although his parents often played pop and rock music in their home, hip-hop music resonated with him the most. In an exclusive interview with MOOD Magazine, STRANGEHUMAN recounted the first songs he ever heard as a child, revealing that the tracks were “Hail Mary” by 2Pac and “Hypnotize” by the Notorious B.I.G.  Although Old-School hip hop left a lasting impression on STRANGEHUMAN, the music did not speak to him about his life experiences in the same way that SoundCloud rap did. Unlike Old-School hip hop, SoundCloud rap is a subgenre created by rappers and producers from his generation, who were highly influenced by trap, punk rock, and emo. Thus, when STRANGEHUMAN came across music by SoundCloud rappers such as the late XXXTentacion, it helped him navigate a tumultuous period in his life as a high school student. So, instead of sinking into the darkness of school days as a loner during the most pivotal time of his teens, he explored it as an aspiring recording artist and content creator while linking up with like-minded songwriters and music producers. He soon reemerged on social media as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.


“I was 14 years old when I made my first song [laughs]; thinking about it now brings back memories,” STRANGEHUMAN recalled. “When I started making music, I had friends that were artists and managers. They connected me with producers and we started making music. My first social media ‘blow up’ was on the music side. Then, when TikTok came out, I switched over. I was constantly posting day in and day out. When I realized my numbers were drastically growing, I went even harder than I was before.”


Online platforms like SoundCloud, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok became the ideal launchpad for a self-described “outcast” with a sharp penchant for generating captivating videos and original music. Eventually, his success on social media evolved into a business and every kid’s wildest dream.


STRANGEHUMAN wears Fear of God and Dr.martens loafers

“I couldn’t finish high school due to how fast my social media was growing,” STRAMGEHUMAN said. “I stopped going my last year and don’t want to go back. Honestly, [because] my parents always trusted me from the start. Especially after I started my own business.”


As we bypass the latter portion of high school and press fast forward in the life and times of our dark protagonist, STRANGEHUMAN, it’s almost as if his late teens are unfolding like an anime story arch that has been brought to life by a music video director named Alexis Martin. Because not only did STRANGEHUMAN's collaborator, Alexis Martin, capitalize on the popularity of his social media following, he also enhanced STRANGEHUMAN's cartoon-inspired creativity with a series of small art films like “ALL THE TIME” and “CAMINO.” Productions that highlight his substance, edgy artistry and playfulness. So far, STRANGEHUMAN has two music videos on YouTube that have been watched over seven million times and a handful of others teetering around three million. 


A majority of STRANGEHUMAN’s viral music videos were released this year around the same time as his traveling concert series, the “REVENGE Mexico Tour.” Typically, the ambiance of his live shows encompasses a dark backdrop at the music venue with fluctuating stage lanterns, a sea of cell phone lights, and a passionate fanbase that sings along to songs like “Moon” and “Villa De Lobos.” Tracks where listeners can hear some of the best examples of how STRANGEHUMAN has re-imagined SoundCloud rap with an infusion of his childhood influences. Many of the energetic songs from STRANGEHUMAN’s all-embracing music library sound like they were recorded to be performed at a festival-like atmosphere, in front of large live audiences. Fittingly enough, the music landed on the radar of executive producers at Rolling Loud—perhaps the most significant hip-hop festival in the world.


Established by co-founders Matt Zingler and Tariq Cherif during 2015, the inaugural Rolling Loud event kicked off in Miami, Florida, and it played an integral role in launching the careers of notable SoundCloud rappers like XXXTentacion, Ski Mask The Slump God, Lil Uzi Vert, Kodak Black and Wifisfuneral, shortly after the genre’s inception in the early 2010s. Rolling Loud has since become a global brand with locations in Canada, Thailand, and throughout Europe. So, when executive producers from Rolling Loud reached out to STRANGEHUMAN’s team with an invitation to perform at their flagship destination in Miami, it represented a full-circle moment where he was going to have the chance to engage with many of the same creators, event planners, producers, recording artists and concert-goers that his boyhood idols encountered when he was in middle school. Ultimately, STRANGEHUMAN’s July appearance at “Rolling Loud Miami” was called off, which is unfortunate because his work encompasses so many elements of Florida hip-hop and culture that it would been interesting to see how fans reacted to him. Furthermore, because he is such a suitable fit for the output of trendy music from the area it also would have been fascinating to learn about the potential collaborations that would have developed the from connections made behind the scenes, with so many Florida-based rappers at his fingertips. The potential for those type of collaborations was on full display when STRANGEHUMAN dropped “On Sight” and “LONG LIVE NOVA” with Ronny J., a Floridian music producer who previously worked with XXXTentaction, Juice WRLD, Lil Pump, Eminem, Kanye West and more. Someday, STRANGEHUMAN’s nonconventional path to the masses may include a live show at “Rolling Loud Miami.” But for now, he intends to expand upon his work with recording artists from the area as long as it makes sense musically.


STRANGEHUMAN wears a Marni sweater with Ernest W. Baker pants and Dsquared2



Later, during our lengthy conversation with the Santiago de Chile native, he revealed that has been invited to take part in “Rolling Loud Los Angeles” in the future.  When asked about the scheduling change, STRANGEHUMAN laid out why his live set would have resonated with the people of South Beach just as positively as it has with his devoting following in other parts of the world before sharing his excitement about playing L.A.


“I think Rolling Loud [Miami] would’ve received me with a lot of love,” STRANGEHUMAN said before explaining his excitement about being re-scheduled for an appearance at Rolling Loud Los Angeles instead.  “Whenever I run into a fan in Miami they show me a lot of respect. Honestly, due to problems that were out of my control, I couldn’t perform [at Rolling Loud Miami]. But I think performing [at Rolling Loud Los Angeles] will be a dream come true. I’ve been dreaming about his moment for a long time and I never thought that they’d give me this opportunity, even in L.A. It’s hard to process, this is all thanks to God.” 


While no tentative dates for “Rolling Loud Los Angeles” have been set, the earliest indications are that it will likely occur in 2024. When the Chilean rapper/singer finally takes the stage in Los Angeles, it could prove to be far more beneficial than if he had made his debut in Miami. That’s because his “REVENGE Mexico Tour” has helped him establish a growing fanbase throughout Mexico and up the coast in Southern California.


STRANGEHUMAN's pathway to chart-topping success in America is a far cry from the trail that Bad Bunny blazed about five years ago, as a three-time Grammy Award winner from Puerto Rico. Because underneath the arm sleeves, finger tattoos, stainless steel jewelry, and Louis Vuitton clothes, lies an out-of-the-box thinking creator whose style has been more influenced by hip hop than urbano music. In a perfect world, a forthcoming debut album by STRANGEHUMAN would showcase his propensity for creating intriguing compilations with American-born artists that complement his sound.


“I plan to work with Florida rappers as long as it makes sense,” STRANGEHUMAN said. “[But] my dream collabs are Michael Jackson, XXXTentacion, A$AP Rocky, Travis Scott, Jay-Z, Kanye West [and] Frank Ocean. I know I’m asking for a lot but I love dreaming big.”


During his senior year of high school, STRANGEHUMAN went down a rabbit hole of endless possibilities, forgoing graduation to explore the fascinating complexities of songwriting. The risk has paid off, as he will soon make a big splash on hip-hop’s biggest stage. Hence, the thought of “dreaming big” is no longer a superlative. It’s a very real blueprint that has yielded compelling music videos, fashion ventures, and a tour before the age of 20. 


From Santiago, Chile to Miami and Los Angeles, stateside, STRANGEHUMAN has trekked a long road to notoriety. Along the way, creating music, eccentric visualizers, and enough subplots to fill Hollywood scripts.  The premise of a high school dropout on the verge of becoming a rockstar while being shuffled in and out of the “Rolling Loud” lineup is a narrative that has literally written itself. When the time comes for the movie credits to roll for our protagonist, STRANGHUMAN hopes that his given name will be the moniker that inspires the “big dreams” of other future storytellers.


“Nova is my real name, it comes from the star SuperNova,” STRANGEHUMAN said. “I love the concept of the name because I believe everyone can be a star. I believe we’re all stars and every time a star dies, another one starts glowing.”


For a strange human named Maximiliano Nova Valenzuela Morales, his reality has already launched into a stratosphere most could only dream of. Whatever happens next will be out of this world.

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