You met the first day of kindergarten and have remained friends since then,was there a time when you guys weren’t talking? 

No, luckily for us that has never happened. We met and the rest is kind of history.  

How did you stay friends for so long? There are friends who eventually drift away from one another.

I mean I guess we just got really lucky because we found each other early in life and meshed really well. We haven’t felt a need to think about another way to go about life. We just don’t think too hard about it and don’t need to put pressure on it. 


Were opposites in a lot of ways, and that works for us. There will be days that we barely speak to each other, but it’s not because we don’t want to, it’s just because were so comfortable with each other. 

Before music, you were known for your Vine videos, did you ever imagine doing music and playing at concerts like Wango Tango and doing doing concerts on your own? 

G: I mean for sure I think we always wanted to do that, but we never thought it was a possibility.


J: Music was always a big passion of ours and Vine thankfully gave us enough exposure to find people to work with.

It was one of those things where we always wanted to do it, even as children we always liked messing around and banging on pots and pans. What people don’t realize is there was always the musical ambition there, but we didn’t know how to go about it. Once we fully dove into the creative process of music, our love and passion for it grew. 

In February did something very nice for a community. You played at a benefit concert for those affected by the mass school shooting at Marjory Stone Douglas High School, how was this experience for you?
That was definitely something new for us because we had never done a benefit concert before. We did it because it was something we were really passionate about. A kids life is the most innocent thing that can be taken, we wanted to bring eyeballs to it. 


It was an interesting concert to play because people in attendance were the ones directly affected by what had happened. We kept the mood calm by doing our whole set acoustic and it just felt like we were helping, even just a little bit.


We would love to do more stuff like that in the future. We want to spread joy. 

Tell us about your single “Stay With Me”, what inspired you to write this song?

It was inspired by the Netflix show “13 Reasons Why.” If you know that and listen to the song, you can tell and will understand it.


The inspiration behind the song started with DMs and letters from our fans. A lot of them talk to us about being depressed and not knowing what to do in life. The both of us had never experienced depression like that growing up, but It’s such a real issue. How do we do our part with something this heavy? That’s where the song came from.

You guys recently did an acoustic performance on a rooftop in London. How was that?

J: That was awesome. It was such an amazing experience being in such a beautiful place and doing something like that. There was the most insane view, it almost felt like you were in a movie. G was really sick that day, but that helped get us through.


After having such a great day, we left the rooftop and went straight to Wembley stadium and performed there with Jonas Blue. It was such a huge day for us. 

You seem to be getting a lot a love from the U.K., how would you describe your fans there?

I think that being on this song with Jonas Blur really helped connect with our UK fans more. He’s become such a staple UK act with so many  hits there and its really changed a lot for us.  

Our UK fans have remained strong with us. We’ve been selling out venues there for the past 3 years and this has just expanded it.

The song “Rise is #7 on the U.K. Singles chart.  You’re at the top of the list with big artists like Drake. How does that make you feel? 

J: It’s so awesome! It’s cool having a song currently doing huge numbers in Europe and not in our home markets. It gets us that much more excited to get out on the road again internationally.

G: Jonas is huge over there. It’s amazing and I’m grateful that we were able to collaborate with someone from outside of the US that has been able to help us in this way. It gives people a taste of who we are through his fan base.

You guys are big on Spotify right now.“Rise” is number 4 on Spotify’s U.K. Top 50, it’s number 13 on the Global Top 50. Does this inspire you to work on an album? 

Yeah absolutely. Jack and I are working on our first full length project. This song inspired us to speed up the process on creating new music.



Photography by Edwin J. Ortega

Style by

Alex Shera

Makeup by

Dion Xu

Hair: Rosiekia Artis

Location:Creative Island Studios

Fashions Provided by

Sage,Levi's,IH NOM UH NIT, J brand and frame,Rag and Bone,GUESS, Tommy Hilfiger,Sandro Paris,Versus by Versace,Champion Vans,TopMan, H&M,Converse

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