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With an increasing momentum and following, Johnny Orlando is a musician of his generation that is a force to be reckoned with. Along with having immense vocal talent, he also writes songs and plays numerous instruments; a true musician who can convey his emotions with any of his musical efforts . MTV has  awarded him with a Best Canadian Act award and he is well on his way to achieving more. Johnny reveals how he faces his fears, goes into detail about his recent single See You, and gives insight on creating a legacy with his artistry.

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How would you sum up all your growth within the past year with all your involvement in personal and professional projects?


I’m always evolving, especially since I’m young. A year ago, I felt that I was done evolving, which I was severely mistaking. What I’ve come to realize is that I don’t know if I’ll ever stop evolving. I don’t know if anybody does, but as a person, I’ve definitely changed a lot for the better, I hope. I’ve become more comfortable in myself which is good. I’m also more comfortable voicing my opinions, which is great for the creation of my music because I know what I want now and I know how to ask for it. I’m just excited for the future and to keep creating!

You not only sing and create music, but you also take your artistry even further and know how to play several instruments, Does having those extra skills help you develop your artistry?


For sure, I mean, yeah, it’s super easy to express yourself when you have all these different outlets that you can use in conjunction. To create a final product it has become much easier. Especially talking to producers in sessions and stuff like that. I used to not know what to say at all because I just didn’t know anything was called. Before that, I would explain it in weird, non-musical terms. For sure. It streamlines the process and it’s really fun.


How was it like collaborating with Mackenzie Ziegler, and do you plan on continuing collaborations once this pandemic is over?


Absolutely, yeah. It kind of sucks because we had so many plans with my friends. We were all in LA and then my dad gets a call and he’s like, “Guys we have to go home tomorrow.” We all packed up our bags, and we had to get rid of all the sessions, which is less than stellar. For sure, absolutely. I’d love to do it after this is over.


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