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Whether she is hosting the VMA awards, creating new music, or making big-screen appearances, the world is a red carpet for Keke Palmer and her confident and charismatic spirit has all eyes on her wherever she chooses to insert herself. Her chameleon-like talent allows her to thrive and succeed with all and any goals she sets; demonstrated by all her past, current, and future endeavors. Perhaps what sets her apart from most is her ability to listen and tune in to the people that surround her; she will always refer to a person by their name while keeping eye contact, ask someone what their story is, and make you feel heard as a person as an effortless result. For those reasons she is undeniably likable and has that “it” factor that will always make her heart shine brightly in this world that needs love and healing. MOOD met with Keke to talk about her new EP, Virgo Tendencies, hosting the VMA’s, and her experience of being a black woman in the Hollywood industry.

Keke Palmer interviewed for MOOD Magazine FW20 issue, Love Above All . Photographed by Anthony Giovanni, fashion by Edwin J Ortega.

Keke wears haute couture SS20 patchworks collection, Viktor&Rolf, floral net tights, Wolford, diamond choker and bracelet, Raven Fine Jewelers, latex gloves, Vex clothing, pink suede stiletto, Barollo. 

Keke Palmer interviewed for MOOD Magazine FW20 issue, Love Above All . Photographed by Anthony Giovanni, fashion by Edwin J Ortega.

Keke wears purple printed bow corset, Christian Cowan. purple organza gown, Dur Doux, jewelry, Raven Fine Jewelers.

After living and working in Hollywood for over six years, I have noticed the lack of genuine interpersonal connections that exist in the space. The clout chasing circles and the opportunists are lurking at every corner, so it’s refreshing to encounter the rare glimpse of authenticity void of the entertainment space. As I approached the doors of the North Hollywood studio she was shooting in, I could feel a strong presence and positive energy in the atmosphere. I followed the flashing lights and the sound of camera shutters to find Miss Keke Palmer, herself, shooting the fire ass content she is known for draped in vintage and designer pieces from Anna Nikki, Victor and Rolfe, and Anna Nikki among others. When I removed my shades as I entered her view, she showed genuine excitement to see me, and just like that the tone was set for the day; that’s what Keke Palmer does best— set the tone. Between takes and wardrobe changes I was able to pick her brain as her hairstylist transformed her from one KeKe to the next. In the most chill and relaxed manner (on a set that was booming), we proceeded with what I regard as one of my favorite interviews of my journalistic career. 


For this generation Keke Palmer is one of the young multi-hyphenates taking Hollywood by storm. Yet, her humility makes you love her even more as a person when you experience her ‘je nais se quois’ off-screen. Whether she is acting, dancing, singing, or making you laugh, you cannot help but to become enamored by the charm she exudes. After years of hard work it seems that KeKe is getting the recognition she deserves from some pretty high places, including the Emmys. “That nomination gagged me! My journey in entertainment is so interesting. You know, from hosting to acting and music etc., it all has its own individual journey. Even getting placed on SSK was surprising in itself, and for that to end up in something like an Emmy nomination, it's just like, wow let me just keep being true to myself and keep trying things and keep having fun and keep being creative because you never know where it leads you or what kind of impact it makes,” Palmer stated.

This has done nothing but inspire her to continue her pursuits of higher heights. KeKe has been working on the comedy aspects of her career over the past few years and finding the relationship between realities and how people choose to deal with them to better her performances. This has led to her starting her social media show, “Turnt Up with the Taylors”, where she plays multiple characters in a one woman show that is sure to leave you in stitches. If you follow her on social media then you can attest to the comedic glow up we are seeing in her content. All jokes aside, Miss Palmer is not playing when it comes to looks!



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Photography: Anthony Giovanni

Fashion: Edwin J. Ortega

Makeup: Elie Maalouf

Hair: JStayReady

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Keke Palmer interviewed for MOOD Magazine FW20 issue, Love Above All . Photographed by Anthony Giovanni, fashion by Edwin J Ortega.

Keke wears Faux Fur Peacoat with hand-sequined flame artwork, Colin LoCascio.

Keke wears an orange vintage long-sleeved suit with wool-blend twill fabric, Annakiki, orange silk satin long sleeve shirt, Annakiki, pearl necklace, Moschino, black suede stiletto, Barollo, floral net tights, Wolford.

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