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Kenzie ziegler

No stranger to the stage, Mackenzie Zeigler, also known as Kenzie, has been performing in front of crowds since a very young age. Though she trained as a dancer, Kenzie eventually ventured into singing and acting. Now a triple threat, she is using all three talents to create her path in the entertainment industry. With the help of her family, Kenzie partnered up with us to create this remote shoot and also talked about her experiences as an actress, her motivation, and the process behind creating music with her mentor, SIA. Her new single, Exhale ft. SIA can easily rise to be the song of this Summer and is a modern, upbeat, and catchy self-reassurance anthem that will leave listeners feeling empowered and in the mood to dance.

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Kenzie wears Alexander Wang, Heels Enrico Cuini, Jewelry Adina Jewels

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Kenzie wears Area dress, Necklace Adina Jewels, Ring OV Paris

You’ve now established that music is an important part of your life. From dancing, to now signing and performing there has always been music involved. What people have been some of the inspirations that have helped you develop your voice?


Right. I would one hundred percent say SIA. One of my number ones. Not because I know her, and she’s always been an inspiration; but because her music is so different and she’s a really good support system. Other artists that I like are Billie Eilish, I like Madison Beer. I feel like they’re kind of my vibes of music. I want a combination of both of them! I could go on and on, but definitely, those three are my top.


Those are great choices! And speaking of development we heard your new song “Exhale ft. SIA” and it’s releasing very soon. Can you talk to us about the song and the entire creative process behind the song?


Yes! So, I actually got the song sent to me as a demo. It was just going to be me on it. I thought to myself, “Wow this song is so good.” I was on tour and went to a random recording studio in Boston and I recorded the song with a random person. It was an experience so different and something I’ve never done. After that, I went back on tour, flew to where the production team was and came back on the bus. So, I never heard back from them; I didn’t hear from them at all. Then I finally got it back and we thought we couldn’t get the demo right, so we dropped it. But then we got it back again and I sent it back to Sia and she was like, “This song is so good!” Then she said, “I want to be on it.” I was surprised and she told me, “Well if you don’t like the song, I’ll just take the song from you” [Laughter]. I definitely wanted to sing together with SIA so it worked out pretty well.


The song has a very upbeat and uplifting melody, and it sounds like a self-motivational anthem, especially when you sing about “taking control” and “owning it.” What’s the inspiration behind the lyrics?


The song is talking about how you need to let everything go and not think about it. To be a boss-lady- it’s all about women empowerment. But I feel that the song is very important because you honestly have to breathe, let everything go, and have fun and dance around. I love this song because it’s giving out a really good message, but you can also bop through it and jam out in the car. It’s so fun.


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Photoshoot was shot via FaceTime with the help of Maddie Ziegler

Creative Direction: Anthony Giovanni +  Edwin J. Ortega

Styling: Edwin J. Ortega

Hair & Makeup: Maddie Ziegler 

Interview: Will Heffernan

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Kenzie wears Red Valentino 

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Red Valentino dress, Marei 1998 Jacket, Free Lance heels,

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