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landon barker

Some creatives are destined to be artists – as if their path led down no other route. Landon Barker offers the perfect example of that theory. From the moment he was born, Landon was in the public eye. The time he spent in the studio and on tour growing up meant that he was surrounded by creative energy, and sure enough both fashion and music were ingrained in Landon from his adolescence.  

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Photography Anthony Giovanni

Fashion: Edwin J. Ortega

Stylist assistant: Justice Jackson 

Production Assistant: Andrew Barrios

Cinematography:  Sasha Rodionov

Grooming: Faye Celeste

Words: Jake Wright

Shot at Hype Studios

Some creatives are destined to be artists – as if their path led down no other route. Landon Barker offers the perfect example of that theory. From the moment he was born, Landon was in the public eye. The time he spent in the studio and on tour growing up meant that he was surrounded by creative energy, and sure enough both fashion and music were ingrained in Landon from his adolescence.  

It didn’t take Landon long to put that creative aura into practice. In 2018, he released his debut single ‘Don’t Need Her’, under his OTG Landon moniker. Since then, he’s released three singles - ‘Trust’, ‘I’m Sorry’, and ‘Holiday’ – with each delving into the sonic realms of alternative hip-hop and R&B. At the time of his initial offering, he was just 15 years old, and was the perfect display of the kind of power an early introduction to music can have on an artist. It’s certainly something he’s aware of and feels it’s very much been a blessing, as he states: “My dad’s career has always had an impact on me since I can remember. His impact has always been a consistent source of inspiration for me.”


Not only did he learn the science of music production and taste-making but having such an influential father also gave him a rare insight into the business side of the industry as well. For any emerging talent entering the world of music, it can be a grueling place, with sharks waiting to take advantage at every turn, but with Travis at his side, Landon would never fall into that trap. So, he chose to release independently – allowing him to put his ideas at the forefront of everything he creates. “It was very helpful and educational.” The artist proclaims, “It definitely helped put me in a position to be successful and ensure I do things the right way.”


Despite not releasing any solo material in two years, Landon has been busy working behind the scenes. The artist spends a lot of time working on his artform, and the delay has been mainly caused by an important moment in his personal life – graduating from high school. For everything that he’s already achieved, it’s important to remember that Landon is still only 18 years old, so at points it’s necessary to take a step back, recalibrate and focus on what’s vital at that time. Although, for fans out there eagerly waiting for new music, it might not be too far away. “Over the last couple of months, I have been focusing on finishing school, and getting in sessions along the way.” He explains, “Now that I've graduated my foot is on the gas and I am constantly in the studio. As far as an EP or single, let's just say I am excited for everyone to see what's next.”


However, the world got a glimpse of Landon’s potential in March, when he appeared on Machine Gun Kelly’s single ‘Die In California’ alongside Gunna and Young Thug. The track was a standout track from Kelly’s critically acclaimed album, Mainstream Sellout, racking up over 16 million streams on Spotify alone. Landon not only delivered an emphatic vocal display but he was also credited with co-writing the song. Quite an achievement for someone who was juggling school at the time, and it really showed that he’s the real deal – and really showed his fans that there’s so much more to come. But the story of how the feature ended up is an intriguing one, and the power of the internet run true, as he says: “It was a song I had created, and later MGK heard a leak of it on YouTube. MGK had asked to put it on the album after hearing the leaked version, and we got together to finalize what it became today. It was a huge accomplishment for me, and I enjoyed the experience.”


Not only did we see Landon hold his own alongside some of hip-hop’s most notorious artists, but ‘Die In California’ also gave us a unique insight into his mind as he’s maturing. The track’s a deeply personal one that tackles themes of self-loathing and depression. As a songwriter, he tackles these issues with ease, whilst simultaneously drawing links to his home state that helps bring the story to life. There’s a rawness to Landon on this single that we hadn’t seen from him before, and it looks like the artist will continue to venture into similar themes in the future. “I’ve dealt with mental health problems from years and still go through it. I think it’s a helpful song for it.” He proclaims, “My approach to writing is almost always sourced from my personal life. I feel that’s what makes the best music is when you’re able to be vulnerable.”

As he’s reached his latter teenage years, the artist has realized that the roots behind these mental health struggles aren’t something to be ignored. Instead, they’re incredibly important to his development, not only as a person but as an artist too. He knows he isn’t the only person fighting demons, but if he channels what he’s feeling into music, then something beautiful can blossom from the dark. It’s an approach that speaks a lot about Landon’s temperament and his willingness to delve deep within. “I feel like general life is challenging, and it is unique to everyone's circumstances. That being said, like any human being there were definitely challenges, but those challenges are also what help me discover who I am.” He explains, “Those same challenges are helping carve out the direction I would like life to go and ultimately who I want to be. I am thankful for the challenges I faced and look forward to overcoming those that might be in the future.”


Landon achieved one of his biggest accomplishments to date earlier this year when he performed his first live show at The Roxy Theatre, West Hollywood. In accolades to date, it certainly rivals ‘Die In California’ for the top spot. To have the opportunity to play to a full crowd was a learning curve but it also brought to life all those hours spent in the studio. It’s one thing seeing people respond well to music online via streaming sites, but it’s a whole different story feeling that support in person. It fuelled Landon’s creative desire to keep pushing ahead with his vision, knowing that time is on his side. “The experience was great, and it felt good to finally be on stage.” The artist states, “Playing my first live show was definitely a dream come true and has motivated me to continue to aim for the stars. I really want to take my music as far as I can, and push boundaries along the way.”


In June, Landon showed the world just how vast his creative aspirations are when he teamed up with Boohoo Man to launch his own fashion collection. It was an incredibly audacious move for an 18-year-old to undertake without any prior fashion experience and yet, he fell into the role with complete ease. It channeled a new-age punk meets classic rock n roll aesthetic, with a black, red, and hot-pink color palette that offered a bit of something for everyone. It was distinctly Landon, and you could tell that his love for fashion and style really harnessed the direction of the 40-piece collection. “The design process did feel natural when creating as I have been lucky enough to be inspired by those around me.” He proclaims, “I feel like music and fashion go hand in hand so it is for sure a world that I will continue to further explore in the years to come.” 


The collection was also designed to be gender neutral – signified by some beautifully slim-cut suits and trousers, as well as some oversized pink, sleeveless jumpers. It channeled the same freedom to choose as Landon experiences in his own life and, at least, it offered a slightly less masculine image of punk than the world is used to seeing. However, that wasn’t necessarily the artist's intent, instead, he simply followed his gut instinct, and the world is now left to draw its own conclusions. “I wouldn't say it is an attempt to soften the masculinity of the punk or rock n roll world.” The artist states, “For me, it was about expressing myself through clothing, and for it to not be a "boxed in." I feel it is important to be able to openly express ourselves without fear of being judged. I feel this collection is unique and carries something for everyone.” 


Perhaps Landon’s venture into fashion shouldn’t be particularly surprising, given Travis in his own right has been a fashion icon in the rock world for much of his career. Landon’s also a model, represented by NEXT, and has even walked at fashion week. His younger sister, Alabama – a fellow aspiring musician – dropped her debut fashion collection with Pretty Little Thing in May, so it certainly seems like both lived and breathed the fashion world from the offset. “Music and modeling seemed to tie into one another seamlessly so for me they don’t seem too different from one another.” Landon explains, “Fashion has been big for me growing up, so it’s been fun as I continue to grow in this space. Style means a lot to me as a teenager as one of the ways I love to express myself. The message I hope to portray is me being me and show my sense of edge.”

That rather unique sense of style has been a key component in his rise to online fame. Now with over 1.4 million followers on Instagram, and 2.1 million followers on TikTok, the artist constantly keeps fans entertained with a range of eclectic outfits and some funny videos that offer a behind-the-scenes look at the star’s life. Having been in the public eye since he was just 2 years old, Landon is very comfortable being in the limelight. Now, with his father marrying Kourtney Kardashian, Landon looks set to venture into the world of reality TV on the infamous show The Kardashians. For the few people out there, who weren’t familiar with the artist before, then you can’t help but feel a lot more attention will be coming his way. 


In such a short space of time, Landon has notched up numerous accolades that have certainly proved him to be a multi-talented artist with a huge future ahead of him. Not many people out there can claim to have four solo singles, a co-writing feature on a hit single via Interscope records, and their own fashion collection to their name, especially within a month of graduating from high school. Despite all this, you can’t help but feel like this is just the beginning. With aspirations of an album on the horizon, you could very easily imagine the artist's career blowing up very soon.

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