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Louis Partridge makes it a point to not shy away from being in front of a camera in any project he might be involved in.

Though he is young, his determination, talent, and interest in acting are helping him reach new levels of success. MEDICI The

Magnificent, airing on Netflix, is a project he is most recently involved with. We had the opportunity for a Q&A with Louis to discuss his role on MEDICI, set experiences, his involvement in the upcoming film ENOLA, and his thoughts on a changing industry in the midst of a pandemic.

louis partridge from Netflix medici the magnificent

Styling: Ella Gaskell assisted by Bella Field

 Grooming: Daisy Holubowicz

Louis wears Belstaff  Jacket

louis partridge from Netflix medici the magnificent
louis partridge from Netflix medici the magnificent

Suit: Rag & Bone, Shirt: Ben Sherman, Boots: Kent and Curwen,  

Chain: Edge Only at Wolf and Badger

Hello Louis. Thank you for taking some time out of your day for us! How’s everything going for you?

It’s a bit of an odd time at the minute. I’m staying inside as much as I can, trying not to go mad, and catching up on those old classic films that everyone has to have seen at some point in their life.

You’ve been in several projects for both television and film, and you have a recurring role as Piero de Medici in the television series MEDICI The Magnificent. Can you talk to us more about your role and what part he plays in the plot of the series?

Piero is the eldest son of Lorenzo de Medici, played by Daniel Sharman. He plays an interesting part in the series towards the end. With the moral and physical decline of his father and seemingly everyone around him, Piero is forced into adulthood. His relationship with his father changes dramatically over the series which was challenging but great to play. Lorenzo goes through a journey in which he has to do bad things in order to keep his power, including murdering innocent people. It’s tough for Piero seeing his father, someone he’s always wanted to please, slowly turning into a tyrant. Towards the end, Piero feels like he's the only one who’s seeing things for what they are while his father and his advisors are wrapped up in sinister business.

What have you learned from working on that set with the rest of your castmates?

Having never been to acting classes or drama school, I learnt as much as I could from the people around me including other actors as well as the director Christian Duguay who was such an inspiring person to work with. I learnt about using music to prepare for a scene as well as finding the right energy to play certain scenes. Piero has a lot of emotional scenes and so I learnt about controlling that and finding the energy inside me to feel that scene.

Medici features many characters, which means there are probably many other actors on set at any given moment while filming. Have you formed any friendships with any castmates that you’ve carried over to your personal life?

Yes! I’m still in touch with my on-screen brother and cousin (William Franklyn Miller and Jacob Dudman) who I meet up with in London for food, to play footie, or a good old movie night at mine!

On top of Medici, you also have a movie release coming soon called Enola. Would you mind telling us about your character and movie plot?


I don’t think I’m allowed to say anything about my part, unfortunately, but I will be talking about it as soon as I can!

Enola is a film that has big names such as Henry Cavill, Helena Bonham Carter, and Millie Bobby Brown. How would describe your experience of working alongside so many big names on a film project?

It feels crazy to see my name next to theirs on the call sheet. Still surreal to me. I loved working with Millie, it was great to work with someone my age as I learnt a lot as well as being able to mess about in between takes.

Even though you are very young you have such a promising career ahead of you, and your talent is highlighted in any project you are involved in. What are your career goals or dream jobs that you would like to be a part of?

I’ve always liked the idea of playing Spider-Man- Tom Holland look out! I’d love to do something involving action or stunts. But above all want to be a part of a project that makes people feel something or stays with them for whatever reason.

On top of acting, you’re also active on social media where you showcase other interests and talents! On your profile, you’re seen skateboarding and even playing the piano. Is music an interest that you plan on exploring professionally? What other possibilities do you see yourself exploring for your career?

No, I love the piano but that’s definitely a hobby. YouTube piano tutorials will only get me so far. I love skateboarding and fantasise about moving to LA and skating in Santa Monica where I was first inspired 5 years ago to start. I feel like the more life experiences or skills I can have,
the more rounded person and better actor I’ll be. In the meantime, I'm still exploring what I like and don’t like. One of my goals is to get fluent in French.


The global pandemic right now has many people feeling uncertain and uneasy about many aspects of life. How are you keeping optimistic, and what are your thoughts on how it's temporarily changed the entertainment industry?

I’m trying to keep myself as busy as I can, playing piano ( currently learning the theme tune to HBO’s ‘Succession’, and going for the occasional walks, sometimes using the old pull up bar that had been lying in my bedroom for years and is now in use. About the industry, it’s an awful time for cinema yet streaming services are being used more than ever. I’m not sure how it’s going to affect film and tv in the long run but I know it’s massively disrupting films like my ‘Enola Holmes’ which was scheduled to come out later this year.  It’s a scary time for full time actors as with any job relying on work for a living. I’m lucky to be in a position where school and A levels (french English, film studies, latin) are my main focus and I’m still living at home.

Your career is already being shaped and started early in your life. What type of legacy do you plan on creating within your professional career?

Leaving a legacy seems a bit in the distance for me yet but I suppose I want to do work I’m proud of and challenge myself and learn on every job.  I’m lucky that I have found something I’m passionate about.

Interview by Will Heffernan 

louis partridge from Netflix medici the magnificent

louis partridge from Netflix medici the magnificent

Jacket: Frame, Shirt: Kent and Curwen, Trousers: Ben Sherman,

Shoes: Louboutin

louis partridge from Netflix medici the magnificent

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