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Lucia Karikomi with Pump Management Tokyo is photographed by Photographer Takako COCO Kanai, 

with casting direction by Shimana with Tomorrow Tokyo. Fashion by Go Momose, Hairstylist Shingo Shibata with eight peace management and Makeup by Toru Sakanishi with Joe management.



PUNK4 (1).jpg

jacket,trousers/Vivienne Westwood cutoff Ma-1 sleeve/alpha mesh tops/JOHN LAWRENCE SULLIAN, fur hat/HIZUME socks/Charles jeffreyFREDPERRY, loafer boots/kidill

PUNK5 (1).jpg

cardigan,pleatsskirt/kidill, vest/moschino, blouse/Vivienne westwood, boots/ROMBAUT


PUNK78 (1).jpg

remade with raffle skirt Ma-1 "wu-tang-clan"/alpha mega platform boots/windowsen

PUNK2 (1).jpg

broken knit/Ralph Lauren, parachute jacket/BOY, necklaces/malcomguerreKIDILL socks/Charles jeffreyFREDPERRY

PUNK3 (1).jpg

fringeknitmask/oodeco, vintage rockTee "suicidal", vintage corset, vintage racingsuits/YAMAHA, layered denim/dickies, sneaker/90's Nike.

PUNK6 (1).jpg

remade with spray riders/lewis leathers

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