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Denim is back in a big way. From Canadian tuxedos, to skater-style “jorts” to dainty, floor-length denim skirts taking the Internet by storm, it is clear that a denim revival is upon us. In past fashion decades, denim has remained a wardrobe staple due to its comfort and versatility, but certain distinct styles mark specific periods of time. What first began as durable workwear, found its way into the mainstream and has been transformed again and again. In the 90s, baggy denim was the way to go, while the early 2000s period witnessed the emergence of skin-tight and variegated denim. Now, it seems like almost anything goes — all of these trends can coexist in harmony. To honor denim culture and the many iterations the trend has amassed, Moschino has announced the debut of a new line and era: Mo5ch1no Jeans.

This new line of women’s ready-to-wear and accessories is like an older sister to Moschino’s 1986 archive Moschino Jeans line, spearheaded by the House founder, Franco Moschino. Reinvigorating that original collection, this reinterpretation encapsulates the true classic essence of a comfortable, trusty pair of jeans while introducing modern design and production methods. And, of course, Moschino’s signature ironic tone and use of cultural symbols as artistic storytelling devices remain. 


Touching upon all of the past trends that have informed the contemporary denim revival, the line will feature washes and styles for any taste. The designs employ stone washing, patchwork, fraying, clean stitching, and sanforization of cutting-edge textiles. By diverging from the norm and welcoming in all variations of this wardrobe go-to with open arms, Moschino does not stray from its historically rebellious essence. A visionary designer approach — as opposed to industrial methods — in conjunction with the House’s use of heritage trompe l’oeil visual effects reinvents the notion of “jean” as we know it.

As denim, specifically, the beloved denim jean pant is a foolproof fashion mainstay, it has become a part of and influenced many aspects of popular culture, including sports, runway, rock and roll, and the arts. When a wearer slips on a pair of Mo5ch1no Jeans, not only are they paying tribute to trends of the past, but they are cementing themselves as a part of this ongoing chronicle. 


The collection includes a range of pieces highlighting true denim and accented with chambray, cotton, velour, and leather. Each design will stand in as a nod to past Moschino silhouettes and will display custom rivets and arcuate. The collection will be available globally in stores and online starting June 2023. 

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