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Nicholas hamilton

If you’re into horror films and scary movies, you’re probably in love with the movie ​IT​, based on the book by Stephen King. The movie, originally made in 1990, was remade with the new and improved graphics back in 2017. The sequel to the 2017 movie was released in September. Nicholas Hamilton starred in the movie as Henry Bowers, one of the antagonists in the movie. Hamilton talked to us about his role on IT, and also his portrayal of Private Noel Grimes in Danger Close.

Actor Nicholas Hamilton joins MOOD Magazine for our winter / spring issue. Photographer Anthony Giovanni, style by Edwin J. Ortega

Photography: Anthony Giovanni

Creative Direction / Styling: Edwin J. Ortega

Words by: Will Heffernan

MOOD: You had a big year with IT: Chapter Two and Danger Close. Do you have a favorite moment from each of those sets?

Nicholas: Well, for two movies that are about two very different subject matters, one being a murderous clown inflicting ITs demonic will upon a town in Maine, the other being a true story about a very prominent Australian battle in the Vietnam War, there were actually an eerie amount of similarities between the two sets. The long cast lists on each film really contributed to an immense feeling of friendship felt through both casts. That, in addition to having the opportunity to work with two visionary directors, Andy and Kriv, who built two awesome crews that worked tirelessly every day to create two high-quality movies, really made my favorite moments on both sets revolve around the relationships I made with the phenomenal people involved with both projects.

MOOD: What does it mean to you and how do you feel being a part of such an iconic horror film?

Nicholas: It’s an insane honor! I’m grateful every day for the opportunity that Andy and the producers gave me back in 2016. Being able to give Stephen King fans an adaptation of such an iconic novel that was received as well as our franchise was, is such an awesome feeling. I still pinch myself every time I’m reminded of my involvement with both Chapter One and Two.

MOOD: In Danger Close, you portray the character Private Noel Grimes very well! Every moment of the film looks and feels so real. As an actor, are there any routines or techniques you use to mentally place yourself for those intense scenarios?

Nicholas: Thank you! That’s a very nice thing to say. I wouldn’t say I use any routines or techniques per se, but I definitely try and imagine myself in the character’s position as much as possible, and relate to the character to the best of my ability. With Danger Close, I had the opportunity of portraying, not only a real human being but also a person who is still living to this day. It was a huge honor, but also one that placed an immense amount of pressure on my shoulders. That pressure wasn’t really relieved until the day the veterans, who actually fought in this battle, saw the movie and gave it rave reviews. Being given that recognition and acceptance by those heroes allowed me to breathe a sigh of relief, for sure.

Photography: Anthony Giovanni

Creative Direction / Styling: Edwin J. Ortega

Grooming: Barbara Lamelza using Dior beauty 

Interview by Will Heffernan



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