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Noah Beck

 If you’re someone who spends your mornings in bed scrolling through TikTok content, there is no way you haven’t come across one of Noah Beck’s viral videos.  Phenomenons are usually described as “overnight successes” when that’s usually not the case. For example, the Spice Girls had been grinding hard years before they were known to the public, while Billie Eilish had been releasing music since the age of 13 before being considered a “teen sensation.” More recently, Olivia Rodrigo had already bagged herself the lead role of a Disney show before blowing up with “Drivers License.” Beck's story differs radically from those who blew up before him. TikTok allowed him to go from a regular soccer-playing guy to an online personality with tens of thousands of followers in just one day.

Noah gets photographed by Anthony Giovanni with Fashion by Edwin J. Ortega, Grooming by Elie Maalouf and words by  Fabio Magnocavallo  Shot on location at  1525 Glen Oaks Boulevard courtesy of Scott James and Christian Stillmark at Douglas Elliman.


Noah wears a full look by Saint Laurent provided by FWRD



Noah wears dress pants and a bottom-up shirt by Dsquared2, accompanied by a faux fur coat by Marcell Von Berlin and a Saint Laurent leather tie with Dsquared2 leather boots.


Noah wears a fear of God overcoat with Katsu Skinny Jean by Off White provided by FWRD, accompanied by a Michael Raven necklace and Omega Watch. 


Noah wears Full look by Ami Paris FW21 


Beck joined the video-sharing platform in January 2020. His first upload was 9 seconds long and consisted of him lip-syncing to DaBaby’s verse from Megan Thee Stallion’s “Cash Shit.” In the upcoming weeks, Beck continued to share content and racked up more than 3 million followers in less than a month. Now in 2021, he is one of the most followed people on TikTok with over 30 million followers and 2 billion likes. Was this always the goal for Beck? He insists it wasn’t. “It was definitely unintentional,” he tells MOOD. “I first started posting for fun and out of boredom in 2020 after we got sent home from school for the quarantine. I wasn't playing soccer every day or able to train as much, so it was just something to do and something I could compete with my sisters at. I'm definitely grateful and lucky with how things turned out. But before then, I never would have thought of social media as a possible career and all the other doors it's opened for me.”


Beck was a midfielder on the Portland Pilots men's soccer team and completed his second semester of freshman year online before dropping out to become a full-time influencer. While the decision has proven to have paid off, it wasn’t an easy choice to make at the time. “It was the most difficult decision of my life by far. My heart will always be on the pitch, but the opportunities that started coming in were too great to pass on when I first started blowing up,” Beck explains, adding, “I'm glad college athletes aren't forced to make that choice now that the NIL rules have changed within the NCAA.  Who knows what would have happened if the timing had been different.”


Since rising to fame, Beck has formed a relationship with fellow TikToker Dixie D’Amelio, who is one of the most followed people on the app with over 55 million followers. Of course, fans love it when they make videos together and the duo enjoys being open with their supporters. With that being said, maintaining privacy can be a challenge sometimes. “It can definitely be difficult having such a public relationship. It's something we've tried to navigate carefully. We love our Doah fans, but there are some moments we want to keep just for ourselves,” Beck 

As influencers have been able to create and pursue careers via TikTok and other platforms, many have rolled their eyes and pushed the agenda that it’s not a “real job.” What might just seem like an 8-second video and a fancy snapshot, can sometimes take a lot of planning and time to produce. Beck tells me he “posts 3-4 TikToks per day, an Instagram post almost every day, and YouTube…[videos] 1-2 times a week,” explaining, “The time it takes to actually go out and create the content, on top of all my obligations and life things outside of social media, make it a full-time job.” He continues: “At fashion week for example, even when we were running around all day I'd carve out time to go take photos at 1 a.m. for Instagram.” he says. 


Noah wears a full look by Saint Laurent provided by FWRD


“I always try to be as open with my fans as possible about my life and how I'm feeling,” he continues. “I think I wear my heart on my sleeve pretty clearly, and right now I'm still really enjoying social media. There may come a day where I want to step back from creating content on the scale that I am currently, or because I've become so busy with my endeavors off-platform, but not anytime soon.”


Outside of being a social media personality, Beck has started to branch out and widen his growing brand. One thing he’s showing a lot of interest in recently is fashion. “I've been getting more and more into fashion since I moved out to LA. I love how it can be an expression of oneself, and there's no one way something has to be worn,” Beck states. “I think people mostly were used to seeing me in workout clothes or shirtless, but it's become something I'm really passionate about. There are so many amazing designers and brands out there that I'm constantly discovering. My wardrobe and my shoe collection keep growing because of it.”


Beck’s passion for fashion has continued to expand as he just got back from New York Fashion Week and was spotted attending a whole range of shows. “It was awesome. I knew it was going to be hectic, and it was truly a whirlwind running from fittings to shows to events, changing in the SUV on the way,” Beck recalls, adding, “But it was a lot of fun, and great to meet a ton of the creative directors as well and get to hear about their pre-show rituals, and what inspirations they drew from for the collection.”


“It's tough to say if I had a favorite in New York. It's interesting to see how each show or presentation is programmed so differently. From the venue to the music and the models. COACH was at the pier, for example, and Moschino in the middle of a rainy Bryant Park,” the budding fashionista continues. The online star documented the many looks he wore from NYFW with his 8 million Instagram followers and managed to narrow down his favorites, despite loving them all. “I'd say my favorite fit though was either the pink suit from Prabal because it was different for me, or the Thom Browne suit I wore - I felt like I was in the Kingsman,” he shares.


Noah wears a Katsu Skinny Jean by Off White provided by FWRD, accompanied by a Michael Raven necklace and Omega Watch. 


Another occupation Beck has dipped his toes into is acting, something that could potentially be a regular thing for him. “I recently shot a guest star role on a Nickelodeon show. It was a lot of fun, and acting is something I've been kind of dabbling in the last year- going to classes and doing auditions,” he informs us. “I'd love to do a rom-com in the vein of To All The Boys or The Kissing Booth, and then totally change it up on people by playing a bad boy role or something like Euphoria. I just love embracing different characters, and exploring how they'd approach a situation versus how Noah Beck would.”


With all these exciting new jobs coming in, Beck still has the desire to return to his roots and play soccer again. “It's something I'd love to really explore getting back into. Soccer was my first love. I love the competition, the training, and the regimen it brings to my life. I feel calmer when I'm out on the pitch, even just kicking the ball around. MLS is currently in season, but who knows, maybe next year,” he expresses. 


With his fingers in a lot of pies, I was interested to ask what a day in the life of Noah Beck is like right now. Unsurprisingly, it consists of a lot. “If I'm not traveling for work or on set, I start off my mornings going to the gym and working out for a few hours, sometimes I'll work out twice in a day,” he shares. “Then I usually load up with a big lunch afterward and get to work running through what's on the agenda with my manager, shooting content, doing meetings and calls before heading to dinner, and spending the evenings with my girlfriend and my friends.”


Noah Beck, living the dream. 

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