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The Wallows at The Roxy

Photo Dillon Matthew

After a year+ of no shows due to COVID, Wallows put on a surprise fan show at The Roxy in

West Hollywood, CA. They announced the show in the morning on the 5th and it sold out within the first two hours.

It was packed in the small, iconic venue with familiar celebrity friends and fans that felt

reunited after a year of not going to concerts.

The Wallows came on to the stage around 9 PM and started with their surprise show set with

their song “Pulling Leaves,” instantly getting the crowd jumping and having a good time. They brought out Remi Wolf to sing “These Days” and “OK.” Fans in the crowd applauded with joy for the fact they brought out Remi and how stellar she sang both songs with Dylan Minnett (lead singer).

They closed their set their hit song “Are You Bored Yet?” and “Pleaser.”

Stay tuned as Wallows are finally back into the music scene after a long year of COVID.


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