We are Who We Are, an HBO series directed by Luca Guadagnino is all about self-discovery and reaching to embody the person you truly are. Breakout star Jordan Kristine Seamón plays one of the protagonists, Caitlin Poythress. Throughout the series, we see Jordan channel the evolution of Caitlin as she struggles with her identity, expands her outer world views, adds color to her point of view, and goes from a young girl to a mature human being. We had the privilege here at MOOD to spend time with Jordan and be invited into her world where she talks about her analysis of Caitlin on the show, her music career, and her views on identity.


In this issue we feature: 

Arlo Parks, Cameron Porras, Corey Knight, Dallas Liu, Dallas Sessoms, Fin Argus, James Baek, Jordan Kristine Seamón, Joshua Bassett, Justice Carradine, Keke Palmer, LoveLeo, Luke James, Max Leone, MICHELLE, Tatiana Hazel.

Jordan Kristine Seamón AW20 PDF

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