Whether she is hosting the VMA awards, creating new music, or making big-screen appearances, the world is a red carpet for Keke Palmer and her confident and charismatic spirit has all eyes on her wherever she chooses to insert herself. Her chameleon-like talent allows her to thrive and succeed with all and any goals she sets; demonstrated by all her past, current, and future endeavors. Perhaps what sets her apart from most is her ability to listen and tune in to the people that surround her; she will always refer to a person by their name while keeping eye contact, ask someone what their story is, and make you feel heard as a person as an effortless result. For those reasons she is undeniably likable and has that “it” factor that will always make her heart shine brightly in this world that needs love and healing.



In this issue we feature: 


Arlo Parks, Cameron Porras, Corey Knight, Dallas Liu, Dallas Sessoms, Fin Argus, James Baek, Jordan Kristine Seamón, Joshua Bassett, Justice Carradine, Keke Palmer, LoveLeo, Luke James, Max Leone, MICHELLE, Tatiana Hazel.

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