If you’re a millennial and haven’t watched High School Musical, you might not be a proper millennial. Everything about the movie series was iconic, from the catchy song numbers to Troy Bolton and his dreamy eyes. The all-new streaming service, Disney+, has brought back the iconic series not as movies, but as a television series. The show is called High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Olivia Rodrigo stars as the female lead, Nini. We chatted with Rodrigo about being her personal experience on set, pioneering a series on a new streaming service, and her feeling on writing music.



Olivia Rodrigo Wears Red Valentino 

Photography: Anthony Giovanni

Styling: Edwin J. Ortega

Makeup: Elie Maalouf At TMG - LA using Tarte Cosmetics 

HairStylist: Clayton Hawkins with SWA using Luxy Hair

Interview by: Will Heffernan


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