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     Los Angeles based singer/songwriter, Sammy Wilk, is pleased to release his new EP, Keep It In The Middle. 


     Widening the scope of his sound, Sammy Wilk constructs a collection of songs that detail the highs and lows of relationships. Soundtracked by sparse trap beats, icy guitars, moody keyboards and a commanding sense for earworm melodies, the project features a genre-blurring sound that combines smoked-out R&B with Pop, Hip-Hop and Rock flourishes. Highlights include the vulnerable “Help Me” that shows off a new side of Wilk, detailing the emotional aftermath of the end of a relationship, and the catchy kiss-off anthem “Options.” Keep It In The Middle includes production collaborations with the likes of SwanQ, Sean Island, Josh X and more. 


     Of the project, Wilk says: “This EP is a reflection of real-life situations and emotions. There are ups and downs in life, but it is always important to keep your mind, body, and soul in the middle.” 


     The five-track project is released off the heels of recent single “Lift Off,” which Sammy Wilk told us what recording the song was like and the message about it. “Yeah, the recording process changes day to day but usually I get in the studio with my boy SwanQo and get a few drinks in me and kind of just start with the melodies and add words as I go,” Wilk told us. “Every day is different, one day I might be going in and will be dealing with an emotional situation, girlfriend… ex, so the song might come out emotional and the next day could be more fun and it might be a turn-up song, Wilk stated. ““Lift Off” is actually a really cool record because I started off talking about who’s going to love you when money is not around and I did the hook and as soon as I started writing the verse, I started talking about fancy shit… watches and G5 planes and I wanted to try to stray away from that but I sort of lived through that and with the music video I released with it I wanted to show a contrast between the fancy things and fancy stuff. It’s all about finding the difference between the fancy things and the real people who love you no matter what.”


     With the EP being released and more music coming, Wilk described his MOOD to us as being “excited, there’s a lot of good things happening. My mood is I’m ready to keep learning and keep doing the stuff I love to do and keep writing music and connecting with my fans. My mood is exciting, loving and spread love and wanting to do what you want to do in life.”

As Wilk continues making more music, he is constantly working on his sound. Wilk told us “I make what I want to make, some are better than others but I’m still learning during every process, I think it’s going to continue to evolve and like said keep learning and eventually get to a sound. I don’t think I’m going to be genre-specific, some will be more R&B and some more Hip/Hop and some more pop.”



     With a visual for “Help Me” set for release soon, the stage is set for Sammy Wilk to “Lift Off” in a huge way in 2019!


Sammy Wilk

Photography by Edwin J Ortega

Styled by Cory Winston

Grooming by Danni Katz

Interview by Will Heffernan

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