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With online streaming services booming more now than ever, there are few shows that can stand out in a sea of endless media. On My Block, streaming on Netflix is a deeply emotional show that tells a story about the triumph, pain, trauma, and experiences of a group of high school friends. Star of On My Block, Sierra Capri, talks to us about her thoughts on season 3, her experience on set, and the surprising season finale.

 Sierra Capri talks to MOOD Magazine about her thoughts on season 3, her experience on set, and the surprising season finale. Photograph by Anthony Giovanni, style by Edwin J Ortega

Makeup: Elie Maalouf        

Sierra wears H&M studio

Sierra thank you so much for being with us here at MOOD and coming to the shoot. How have you been these days? 


I’ve been good, just surviving. I think it is just dangerous and trying times that we’re in, so just praying, a lot of praying. 


Touching a little bit about what's going on with the Coronavirus, do you have any words of encouragement like you would like to share with your fans? 


Yes, for your safety and the safety of others, please take proper precautions and do not take this situation lightly or as a joke because the information is all around you. If you need any new information, you can always go to social media or turn on your TV. That is one good thing about the internet nowadays; nothing is off-limits and you can always keep yourself updated and know what’s going on. 


Yes, we agree with that. On a brighter note, we wanted to chat about the show you're starring in, “On My Block”. The show has been a hit since the debut in 2018. What have been your emotions and feelings throughout the 3 seasons on the show? 


Oh my gosh, there are so many different changes that reflect on who I was and who my character was one season or two seasons ago. It's incredible how I’ve evolved as an actress, how much I learned since I first started on the show, and how close I am with the cast and the crew. I mean, it’s been a fantastic journey so far.  


We binged watch season 3 of On My Block yesterday [laughter]. It's such a good show!


Thank you!


The show presents viewers with a lot of mature subjects like gang violence, romance, and trauma. What type of preparation do you practice to connect with your character to give such a good performance? 


Well, I think it has a lot to do with environments that I have been in, especially growing up.  I am originally from Baltimore, Maryland. So, I have seen and experienced things that I have been been able to use and cultivate in my relationships with everyone else on the show, as well as my relationship with family members. I have three older brothers, so being the only girl surrounded by a bunch of testosterone up to my adolescence was very relatable. I definitely think my environment played a huge part. 


Your character, Monse, deals with a lot of trauma and she still manages to keep herself strong with her head held high. Did you find yourself connecting with Monse right away when you did your first read-through on the script? 


I did. I definitely connected with her being a unique individual and not knowing where she fits in. She's not your typical 13 or 14-year-old. I can 

definitely connect with that aspect of her. 


What has been the biggest lesson Monse has taught you from portraying her? 


It is crazy because it changes every season. But overall, the biggest lesson that she has taught me is that it’s okay to grow. To not be scared to grow; even if it means growing apart from people that you love or that you were once very close to. It’s okay to grow up, evolve and as long as

you are doing it for the better and not for the worse, I think that is what is important. 


You mentioned earlier that you have a great bond with your castmates. How did that bond start? After acting such a heartfelt storyline, how do you guys connect?


Oh my gosh, the funny thing is since day one, I lived with Jason and Brett for 2 seasons. 




 Yes, we lived together because we are all from the east coast. When we would come to the west coast to the film, we would all

get an Airbnb together and it would be for the three of us. We did that in season 1 and loved it so much we did it in season 2. I could not have asked for a better cast. I think that is why our chemistry is so evident on screen because we grow together, we are family, and we all love each other. I just spoke to Justin three days on the phone, we just Facetime each other. I spoke to Jason yesterday, he is in Jersey with his family. We are all very close-knit and we all really care about each other. They are so great at what they do, they are so supportive, and we help each other on the show. I definitely think that I was blessed to be working with everyone on the cast. 


That's great to hear. With the new season release a couple of weeks ago, it seems like it was a rollercoaster of emotions from the beginning of the season to the bittersweet ending. In the last frame of the season, we see Cesar is still in the gang, and being the leader. What are your feelings about ending the season on this note? 


I think it just makes me very curious and anxious to see what’s next for everyone’s character. I think there is going to be a jump of 2 years. There is a lot that can happen in 2 years. I think all of the cast, as well as fans of the show, want to see what’s going to happen. Are they going to be friends? Are they not going to be friends? Are Caesar and Monse going to be together? Are Ruby and Jas going to be together?  I’m very   

anxious about it. 


Yeah,  we are as well! Because of a two-year gap, it's such a long time, especially in the teenage years. 

Yes [laughs]. 


Do you think that the group will be reunited after the 2-year gap in the next season? 


They have to, right? There is going to be something that happens, some kind of thing that brings them all back together. I feel like they have to 

have one more journey-- 


One more adventure [laughs]. 


Exactly! A journey with them. 


Yeah for sure. You're obviously really talented and you're bound to do great things on top of On My Block, so what's next in your career? Do you have any upcoming projects that you're also working on that you would like to share with us? 


 I do! I’m set to have a project that films in New York in April, however, I can’t mention it [laughter] because we’re still in April and I’m still not on the west coast filming. [Laughs] I think everything is up in the air right now. It’s crazy how things pan out, but you know, safety is first and foremost. 


Of course. 


I’m very excited and hopefully, I’ll be able to talk about it soon. 


Since On My Block is on Netflix, do you have any other favorite binge-worthy shows that people should be watching right now? 


Netflix shows? 




Oh my gosh, I love Elite, that’s become one of my favorite shows. Well, of course, it’s one of my favorite shows, but yeah Elite, I like… oh my gosh. Is it Grace and Frankie? I love that show [laughs]. Oh my god, I’m so old. I love that show [laughter]. What other Netflix show? There is one

Netflix show, it’s a Netflix original I cannot think of the name. It’s very close to what’s happening in the world. Maybe you know it. 


Is it Tiger King?  [laughter]


No, not Tiger King [laughter]. I think it's Containment. Yes, what they’re talking about as far as  New York being quarantine, and no one can go in or out. It talks about how a disease can be very contagious and it's so close to what's going on right now. I'm thinking, what in the world is going on right now? I think these people knew something that we didn’t. 


With everything that's going on right now, people are just trying to keep themselves busy. What does your day typically look like now?


I try to stay creative. I'm grateful  I still have auditions coming in. I've been spending my time just preparing for those and staying active. I try not to fall into the norm of watching TV and eating but it happens anyway. I think as long as I get fresh air, I’m good!



Interview by Will Heffernan 

 Sierra Capri talks to us about her thoughts on season 3, her experience on set, and the surprising season finale. Photograph by Anthony Giovanni, style by Edwin J Ortega

Sierra Marcell Von Berlin top, Kheops suit, Enrico Cuini Heels 

 Sierra Capri talks to us about her thoughts on season 3, her experience on set, and the surprising season finale. Photograph by Anthony Giovanni, style by Edwin J Ortega

Sierra wears H&M studio dress, AFFFAIR boots, Iris Trends necklace

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