April 22, 2018

On Monday J. Cole announced that he would be dropping his fifth studio album KOD on April

20 th .

The rapper later shared the front and back cover of his new album. His front cover has a King

hiding children under his robe and some children are turning into skeletons. Three of the children

have drugs and a fourth child is drinking.  The top has a disclaimer “This album is in no way

intended to glorify addiction”. The back cover has children flying through the sky on an object

that is made out of drugs.

On April 19 th J. Cole released an album trailer that explained the abbreviation for KOD. The

three meanings are Kids On Drugs, King Overdosed, and Kill Our Demons. He said, “The rest of

the album I leave to your interpretation.”

Although, he said he would drop his new album on 4/20 he released it a few hours before


His album only features kiLL edward and it has fans wondering who it is. People assume it is his

alter ego since he said that he wanted to go “Platinum with no features.” The artist is featured on

two tracks, “The Cut Off” and “Friends”.

Cole sings about sex, money, drugs, and pain. His song “1985 – Intro to “The Fall Off” has

people talking about him taking shots at the younger generation of rappers. His lyrics say “I hear

your music and I know that rap’s changed/A bunch of folks would say that that’s a bad thing/

‘Cause everything’s commercial and its pop now/ Trap drums is the shit that’s hot now/ See I’ve

been on a quest for the next wave/ But never mind that was just a segue/ I must say by your

songs I’m unimpressed, Hey.”

J. Cole has yet to comment about his tracks, but he always seems to deliver to his fans!




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