VIDCON recap 2019

August 3, 2019

     Once a year in the middle of Summer YouTuber’s and Influencers gather to attend one of the biggest events for social media stars and fans. This is known as VidCon, a convention that just finished it’s 10th anniversary this past weekend. Stars such as David Dobrik, Liza Koshy, Brent Rivera, Alex Wassabi, Ben Azelart, The Stoke Twins, Jenn McAllister and more gather to promote their projects and most importantly interact with fans that have been supporting them forever.


     If you went this year then you know how trendy this year was. Full of colors and up and coming musicians putting on great performances at the YouTube OnStage and Awesomeness TV Festival Stage. Meghan Trainor performed the first night performing all her hits such as “All About That Bass” and she even brought out Leroy Sanchez for a performance. Other talent included Rhett & Link, Sam Tsui, and Sofie Dossi. This was Sofie’s second VidCon and she said “each time has been so fun, really busy all the time, this year a little more than last year. I loved performing on YouTube OnStage, that’s probably the most fun thing along with meeting fans.” Dossi did her famous contortionist act on the stage, ever since her Americas Got Talent days, Dossi has been evolving her act ever since. “I try to keep modernizing my routines and keep making them crazier.” 


     In a way, conventions are sort of like High School, everyone wants to be invited to the coolest parties around. Jenn McAllister has been 7 times, most of them she has been invited. “It’s crazy, my first year I came as a fan, so I came and waited in line to meet people. The other six years I’ve been here as a featured creator. I feel very honored.” McAllister explained how Shane Dawson was her favorite creator when she visited VidCon as a fan for her first time. “I lived in Pensylvania at the time, so I flew, that was my first time in California ever.” Having used to wait in line to meet her favorite people, McAllister is now greeting fans who wait in line for her. “Yeah, it’s really crazy. I know what it is like to be on the other side of it. Since I know what it’s like I try to have a really nice moment with them.” McAllister has been on YouTube since 12 and has been creating videos for her fans ever since. “I started when I was 12 and now I’m 23 so definitely it’s matured a lot because I was literally a child. My humor and energy were so different when I was younger, but it’s cool because a lot of people have been watching me for a really long time and they’ve grown up with me, so it’s worked out because as I am maturing and growing up, so are they.” McAllister also talked to us about her show Foursome, on YouTube Red. “Foursome is my favorite project that I’ve ever worked on in my career so far, I love playing that character, Andy. A lot has changed. It has been so cool to watch the show grow and have our relationships between the characters grow, we’re a big family. We’ve had some new people come and people going out, but it’s just remained this really solid group of people. My character on the show has definitely changed a lot. She’s had some ups and downs, she started off super awkward and unsure of herself, I feel like season 4 now, she’s got a man, she’s a little bit more confident. She’s dealing with her own problems in season 4, she’s almost a little too confident.” Make sure you stay up to date with McAllister by following her on Instagram and subscribing to her YouTube channel. 


     Twins are also big in the social media scene. We have The Dolan Twins, The Martinez Twins and also The Stoke Twins. The Stokes Twins, Alex, and Alan Stokes, explained to MOOD why twins are so big in the market right now. “I think twins capture people's attention and after that, it depends on how you retain your audience,” Alex said. Alan followed up saying, “It’s easy to capture the initial interest but then it’s up to how you retain it, it depends on what you do really.” 


     Another familiar face in the industry that was there was Ben Azelart, who got his start on YouTube at a young age. Azelart said “I use to post travel videos when I was in Hawaii and then kind of evolved that into a new type of content when I moved to LA. I changed my content to more creator/YouTuber type stuff.” Azelart said, comparing the two places. “There are some beach town vibes in LA, it’s coastal. It’s definitely not as busy in Hawaii and more stuff is definitely happening in California.” Azelart explained how he got his start on YouTube by meeting another YouTuber. “I ended up meeting another YouTuber back before I had any thought of being a YouTuber, and I saw what they were doing, I saw how fun it would be to be one and I was like dang, I should do that. So, I bought a camera and did so much research and manifesting and I guess it went somewhere.” Having over three million followers on social media, Azelart is bound to be recognized every now and then. He describes his first fan moment by saying “It was way long ago, it was my first time in California, it was the coolest feeling ever and I’ll never forget it. It was at Universal Studios and one random person said how they saw my videos before and how they loved them, and I was like wow, I’ve never had that before.” Even though Azelart is successful on YouTube, he still has Idols on YouTube he looks up to. “I love The Dolan Twins; their content is awesome and they’re really good at what they do,” Azelart explained the collaboration he recently did with Amanda Cerny. “I recently did a collab with Amanda Cerny, who I ended up kind of becoming friends with, we took some videos, took some pictures and that is someone I’ve been watching forever and got the pleasure to meet and make some content, so that was awesome.” 




Overall VidCon was crazy as you would think it would be. Fans everywhere are in groups wondering if they’ll walk by their favorite YouTuber, Tik Tok person, Instagram Influencer and when they do they gather their emotions and let their excitement out and take thousands of pictures. Make sure you get in on the fun while you can and attend next year's VidCon in Anaheim by checking out their information here. 

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