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Skai Jackson just might be one of the best role models any young girl can have right now. Jackson is word savvy, inspiring, and a hard worker for her young age. Jackson, got her start on the Disney Channel show Jessie co-starring with Debby Ryan and Cameron Boyce. Recently, Jackson has written her own book called Reach For The Skai. Skai chats with us about her inspiration, being an author, and the art of clapping back.

photograph by Anthony giovanni and style by edwin j. ortega

Photography: Anthony Giovanni

Creative Direction / Styling: Edwin J. Ortega

Words by: Will Heffernan

MOOD: Congrats on releasing your memoir, Reach for the Skai: How to Inspire, Empower, and Clapback! Self-acceptance, girl empowerment, and even bullying are themes seen throughout your book. What message would you say is the common denominator between the themes that are presented in your memoir?

Skai: The main take away from all the chapters would be, just to love yourself, embrace yourself, and don’t listen to what the haters have to say about you. I hope everyone who reads Reach For The Skai can learn from it and be inspired!!!

MOOD: Can you tell us about your writing process from the moment you had the idea to write a book, to the moment you wrote the very last word in it?

Skai: The writing process was very long, about a year in total.. I was so excited to get my feelings into paper and get to tell my story. The hardest part I would say was having to gather all the pictures ( you would have thought that would be the easiest) it was a great relief when the book was done and complete! It was everything I wanted it to be

MOOD: Did you ever find yourself being challenged with obstacles, setbacks, or even writer's block while writing your memoir?

Skai: For the most part, everything was good but my team and I did have to go through one huge roadblock into the process of writing the book. It was very hard because it had to do with editing/taking pages out, refilling those missing pages and filling in the blanks! It took a while, but we got through it!

Photography: Anthony Giovanni

Creative Direction / Styling: Edwin J. Ortega

Makeup: Brandi Allen

Hair: Cynthia Alvarez

Nails: Mimi D

Interview by: Will Heffernan


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