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Tatiana Hazel

Navigating through the music industry as a singer and producer to create emotional, powerful, and authentic tunes, Tatiana Hazel is a Latina woman to watch out for. When Tatiana sings, her visuals, melodies, and beats work in harmony to gently bounce her lyrics inside the walls of your brain- releasing a light hit of dopamine. We took some time to sit down with Tatiana Hazel to discuss her involvement with The Brave Safe Alliance, her cultural representation, and her latest visual ep, DUALITY.

Tatiana Hazel interviewed for MOOD Magazine FW20 issue, Love Above All . Photographed by Anthony Giovanni, editor Edwin J Ortega.MOODAW20_03.jpg

Tatiana wears, MIMITRAN

You are originally from Chicago, and you are a self-taught musician and producer. Because much of your work is created solely by you, any creativity you can think of goes directly into it. In your eyes, how would you describe the sound and creativity of your music?


In regards to genre, I would say my music is indie pop, but it varies a lot. Some songs are more synth pop with heavy synths and electric guitar, while others are more rock with live drums and bass guitar. I like to experiment, even if it’s out of my usual sound/comfort zone. I play every instrument on my music, which gives me a lot of creative control and room for experimentation.

It's phenomenal that you also write some lyrics in Spanish as you did in "Hasta Que". What are your thoughts on multicultural representation in the music industry, and what personal goals do you have in mind when it comes to representing your culture?


Thank you. There definitely has to be more representation in every creative industry, including music. I also would like to see artists of different cultures not being put into boxes. I often feel that an artist’s talent and work are overlooked and the focus becomes more about race, which seems unfair in a way. For me, I would like to be seen as Tatiana Hazel the pop artist and I represent all the wonderful things that make me who I am.


Of all the songs you performed from your visual Ep, which are you most attached to?


One of my favorite things about making music is getting to perform it live, which I and many others will not be able to do for a while. Given these circumstances, I decided to create my own live performances virtually for people to enjoy on their own time. I think the visual of an artist performing the music adds so much emotion to the music itself. My favorite performance was probably “Sex Appeal” or “Tension”.


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Photography: Anthony Giovanni

Fashion: Arlen Varela

Makeup: Elie Maalouf

Hair: Diane Dusting

Tatiana Hazel interviewed for MOOD Magazine FW20 issue, Love Above All . Photographed by Anthony Giovanni, editor Edwin J Ortega.

 Tatiana wears a demin jacked and hat, Jimmy Paul.

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