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Model: Taylor Kae Knott

Agency: supamodel management

Photographer:   Joseph Sinclair 

Stylist:  Edith Walker Millwood

grooming:  Shamirah Sairally


Topman, Umbro, Nike, Kway  


MOOD: Being a model and social media influencer, are there any stressors in that lifestyle? 

 T: To be fair, there aren’t too may stressors within the lifestyle that I live, (model/influencer). There are many similarities that compliment each other really well. But in terms of stress factors... the only thing I can think of, is being able to manage between being a student and model/influencer. It CAN be done, but finding your feet first and being able to structure your timetable that involves university + work, can be stressful sometimes.


MOOD: You wear a lot of Nike, which makes you feel comfortable in Nike? 

 T: I wear a lot of Nike because it’s just a UK vibe. I tend to focus on specific Nike pieces, collaborations, etc. But I feel comfortable in Nike because their pieces are practical for almost anything and still manage to stay gully, Grimey and rugged within my outfits. 


MOOD: Besides modeling, ou also dance, what inspired you to get into dancing?

 T: Dance has always been in my life, from day one. It is the one craft I have decided to focus on and master for years. Everything inspires me within the art, my peers, teachers even my own surroundings.


MOOD: You also make music, when did you get into that and what would you say is the best song you’ve made? 

Yes, I also produce music. I started producing music because you get to a point of creation in dance to where you are now creating the music for the craft. My producing background is a little complicated because I was making Trap/Drill instrumentals from around 2013 but then began to explore everything else once I was comfortable with my software. Right now, my best song (according to my SoundCloud fans) is FRCKLS - Beat 1, with 8,445 listens but the best song, in my opinion, is FRCKLS - GLDN. 


MOOD: Do music and dance complement each other well in your case or is the music you make different than the music you dance to?

 T: OH HELL YEAH! I’ve recently begun making beats for myself and everyone in the dance industry, they get played at events now, which is so dope! But before that, I was making beats for rappers and underground artists in the UK and US. 


MOOD: You’re from the UK, have you ever been to the US? If so how would describe the modeling industry in the compared to the

 T:  actually haven’t been to the US yet... and I don’t know much about their modeling or social media industry. It would be interesting to find out though! 


MOOD: What's some advice to those who don’t know what they want to do with their careers yet? 

 T: My advice would be: To keep pushing the boundaries and trying out different things. Explore everything that needs to be explored, and see if you can push other elements further. If you have a career already, the only thing you could do is elevate it and master what you do, then eventually pass on your knowledge to younger generations! It depends on what your formula is to reach an end goal, to be honest. Everyone has their own strategic devices to get somewhere they need to be. 


MOOD: What has your MOOD been so far for 2019

 T: My mood so far for 2019... just waves man. Just pure waves. Nothing else to it. I’m just on a wave right now. 

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