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Models: Gabriel Jayne & Mikayla Krause

Agency: Wilhelmina models, mavrick models  

 Photographer:  Edwin J. Ortega

makeup jake stone

hair Christopher Finley

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The Contemporary and Enigmatic Minds Behind the Masked Designers 

Who is behind the enigmatic VENIA duo, and who is their audience/outreach?

     VENIA is a Conceptual Contemporary Los Angeles Based Men's and Womenswear brand that focuses on empowering the individual to seek their best self. Sleek utilitarian ensembles paired with luxe intellectual cuts and sustainable fabrications are few of the key signature concepts that embody the design ethos of VENIA. Through those ideas, VENIA seeks to reform the understanding of clothing and the purpose of design within each collection. 

     The clientele of VENIA is incredible people who love the science of design as much as the utilitarianism and modern appeal of the clothing. We clothe businessmen and women, founders activists, lawyers, parents, artists, architects, nerds, creatives and techies. The brand appeals to seeking More out of their clothing, and for those who love sustainability; but prefer to be styled in a more urban and sleek manner.

      Founded by anonymous designers and world travelers Eni and Nigma, the focal point of the brand is on each unique piece. As such the owners seldom make appearances or interviews as they prefer to have the clothing speak for itself. 


You are obviously not afraid to go bold and chic with the designs you produce. What’s the message you are sending out to the world with your brand?

   VENIA means Grace in Ancient Latin. The VENIA Creed is based on the fundamentals of Grace and Intuition exploring clothing that seeks to share stories and spark conversations. Born in Downtown Los Angeles, VENIA is a hybrid of sleek utilitarian survivalism and luxe naturalistic design deriving from concepts based on human instinct and desire. The philosophy lies in the constant fusing of traditional techniques and technological advances in manufacturing and design. The end product transforms into an intimate, intricate and intellectual experience wrapped in sustainable textiles, 3D printed trims, and hidden secrets.  

     We seek to reform the understanding of clothing and the purpose of design within each collection. Each VENIA piece pursues the subspace between Art, Culture, Design, Technology, and Nature. Collectively as a whole, their collections represent a greater movement for intentional and transparent design. Research & Development starts at the top of the supply chain as the team travels to different corners of the world to source ethical textiles and research solutions in manufacturing. Innovations in material science and functional design compliment the organic nature of the clothing and the commitment of the brand. For, at VENIA, the future is created by truly understanding the past to build the fundamentals for the future.


Going beyond sales and recognition, Is there a particular mission or goal Venia has in mind?

     We want to captivate our audience with the story of what was and what will be. We jump through hoops to deliver a product of integrity from Fabric to Final. As a result, we hope for our clients to live their lives accordingly to that intention. It may be a simple and lofty intention, but that is truly our wish. 


When reflecting on your process, how do you usually find inspiration?

     Oh, we get asked this a lot because our Seasons are always themed unconventionally and explore some deeper material. Our inspiration can be found anywhere and at any time. We are engagers. We dive into information wherever we go. It can be found on a glacier in Canada, a Captain's tale in Iceland, a motorcycle crash in Vietnam, or a lonely friend in Los Angeles. We like to tell stories that make people reflect on their humanity and raise questions about themselves and the world we all live in.


One of the reasons your designs immediately stand out is because of the attention to detail when it comes to material. Where do you find the unique materials you incorporate into your intricately detailed designs?

     Our favorite thing is the jump on a flight to a remote location and explore. Materials, like culture, are different in different regions. 


Recently you guys had your designs shown in Paris. Are there any other plans to have your designs go down a runway overseas?

     Heck yes. We've got some badass VJ and experiential designer friends we're hopefully collaborating within Shanghai in the near future.


What’s the message behind your newest collection?

     The essence of human expression lies within communication and it is the Post // Man that ensures that this goes without fail. VENIA's Season FIVE explores the Concept of Communication between past and present, physical and abstract, and analog and digital. What types of correspondence does the future hold? Will we use letters, emails, text messages, or perhaps mind messages? Will we speak multiple languages or will we all speak the same tongue? Will we understand previous generations or will we press forward-thinking only of the future?

     VENIA's Season FIVE: POST // man explores mankind's Envoy of Communication -- the future POST // man. Dressed in weathered wools, hooded leathers, and pleated linens, this season's silhouettes explores the future of the Safe Keeper of Communication. Sharp Cuts, Drop Hems, and 3D Messenger Bag silhouettes depict the future POST // man and what they may need to survive. Technically enhanced with Engineered Pockets, Seamless 360 Knits, 3D Printed Trims, and Post Consumer Textiles, this Modern Survivalist is prepared for all situations.

     The question we ask our selves this season is, how will we communicate when the world is POST // man

Why fashion design?  There’s no doubt we see the passion in your work. Going past the passion, what or who is at the heart of your design career? 

     What else combines innovation, science, emotions, opinion, discovery, mathematics, liberal arts, aesthetic, sculpting, technology, and traditionalism into one? Both founders are lovers of many things in this world-fashion just happens to be the vehicle to pack it all in.


Lastly, what is Venice's MOOD for the rest of the year?

The 2019 MOOD is to DEFINE. In order not to be Lost in Translation with each other as different humans living in a chaotic world, Communication is the key to keep us from relational decline. 

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