We have created something outstanding, something one of a kind: a 

 timeless compilation of beautiful things. 

For six years Emily Hampshire has been a staple to the Emmy nominated and widely praised show, Schitt’s Creek. Hampshire’s performance of her character, Stevie Budd, has influenced viewers everywhere to emotionally attach themselves to the series, now in its sixth and final season. Speaking with Emily we touched on the subjects demonstrated within Schitt’s Creek such as change, acceptance, and personal growth.



Emma Kenney started her acting career from a very young age. has grown up on sets, and even landed a role in the hit-show, Shameless, at only 12 years old. Now at 20 years old, Kenney is the new lead female actress on the Shameless, and also has a role in The Conners. She sits down with us to discuss her career, her relationship with her costars, and her thoughts about inclusivity in pop culture.

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