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The chilling adventures of Gavin Leatherwood began as a real-life drama during his adolescence in Southern California. As a 13-year old skater boy sliding down the steep hills of a city called Placentia, he crashed his longboard into the pavement so hard that he lost consciousness and woke up with a small group of people crowded around him, a few minutes later. These days the crowds have grown much larger. Because not only is Gavin Leatherwood the co-star of one of the most popular teenage dramas on Netflix, he’s also a singer-songwriter with a debut album in the works. As Gavin Leatherwood’s fanbase continues to grow, his supporters just might catch him jumping from one creative space to another—quite often. Whether it’s making his first Indie-Folk album or perhaps revising his role as one of Greendale’s most infamous warlocks someday. One thing’s for sure—Gavin Leatherwood is not afraid to challenge himself as an artist and he’s not afraid to crash either. 2020 marks the fourth and final installment of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix. Gavin Leatherwood’s bravado, on and off-screen, made him an ideal fit for the portrayal of Nicholas Scratch—a character that wasn’t even a part of the original graphic novel series from Archie Comics. We caught up with Gavin Leatherwood for an exclusive interview about growing up in Orange County, crossing over to music and life after the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.




Bring out your Tamagotchi, play a game of MASH, or listen to the Spice Girls. PEN15, streaming on HULU, brings back all the nostalgia of the ’90s and presents teenage issues that any generation can relate to. Dallas Liu plays the role of Shuji Ishii-Peters, older brother to Maya Ishii-Peters. Throughout the series, Dallas demonstrates an understanding of his art and taps into his former middle school self to deliver a genuine performance. Dallas spent some time with MOOD and talked about his experience on the set of PEN15, using his craft to tackle subjects like racism, and his thoughts on the second season.

WINTER / SPRING 2019/2020

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